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LAW OF LOVE October 24, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Before we forget the greatest cementing force ever, let us iterate the law right away: Law of Love. Coherent with the articulations on the cosmic laws, I will focus on the Law of Love for this note.

“All we need is Love, all we need is Love, all we need is Love Love, Love is all we need!” says the very popular song by the Beatles. Love operates at many levels, we grow up to learn to love and feel the love of others toward us. Yet in the world we live in, there is so much superficiality about love.

It is the driving motive for the One Universal Principle—God of our daily living—to produce beings of all kinds and the objective worlds that can nurture the said beings’ needs. As the Guru Felix Fojas summarized the said law, in his manual on mysticism offered to my batch of mystics (1994), to wit: Love is the greatest force in the universe. God created the universe out of love.

All the beings, from mineral to sentient, were endowed with capacities for love. As the different beings evolve, they will also grow in love, grow in each one’s capacity to love, till the most evolved ones become perfected, by which the capacity for loving is endless compassion.

Losing the capacity to love, engaging in manipulative pursuits that enchain others, destructive in every way that the being bars others from moving up in the evolutionary path, doesn’t bode well with the Supreme Being. Like any father who will be saddened by the distancing and wayward behavior of an offspring, the Supreme Being’s infinite love works so strongly so as to give this being the space to come back.

True love is a liberating force, while false love tends to bind and enslave. True love is self-less and boundless, false love is selfish and narrow.

It is love that fuels devotion or bhakti, a theme or divine ray that I already articulated in other articles. Bhakti is centered in the heart chakra, and bhakti can propel an Aspirant to be liberated or attain Self-realization along very steep climb. That’s how wonderful bhakti is, that the granting of divine grace by the Supreme Being is willingly done to the most enthused practicing bhaktha.

Being so all-powerful, I even went to opine that the Rule of Love should govern the economic life of humanity. Today’s Rule of Reason has become suspect, as reason is being used to advance the selfish interests of very greedy elites. Transcendent a force, love is more potent than reason to guide action and decisions in the economic domain, as I said in past articles on economics.

Corrupted reason makes persons very dangerous, and reason itself is on the plates of agenda for reform. Spiritualized reason, reason immersed in love, is true reason, and so love and reason could be the behavior guides for the future worlds in a new global context or New Earth.

[Philippines, 08 October 2011]

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