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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

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I already articulated on the septenary law or the Law of Seven in many articles of mine. Let me articulate again about the subject, with the note that the mahatmas and chohans of the spiritual Brotherhood were very particular about this law that is the hallmark of the divine wisdom released to the open public beginning in the late 1800s.

To begin with the subject, let me quote Guru Felix Fojas’ manual on mysticism workshop he prepared for my batch of mystics (1994), with the following thesis on the septenary law:

Most things in the physical and spiritual planes are arranged in groups of seven. Eg. the seven bodies of man, the seven planes of existence, and the seven colors of the spectrum. [End of quote]

The knowledge of the law drove the chelas of the masters to do research on the Earth for instance. They found out with their own mystical eyes about the 7 globes of Earth, and then went on to articulate about them in numerous pages of write ups.

The same chelas also researched about the 7 planes of existence, though they were delimited by the fact that only the 1st through 4th planes can be examined and inferred determinately. They then wrote books about the subject. The ‘heaven worlds’ alone took the likes of Rev. Leadbeater a book and couples of essays to write about.

As to the seven (7) bodies of man, the volumes of writings devoted were even more voluminous. A complex subject such as 7 bodies also incorporates sub-topics of the 7 major chakras. So imagine the tedious observations done by the mystical chelas just to be able to substantiate the law and publish books and pamphlets about the subject.

There are more applications of the law, such as: (a) 7 year itch, where a married couple would experience mutual erotic warmth for 7 years after which the “itch” dwindles in intensity; (b) 7 year cellular cycle, whereby the body changes all of its sets of cells every 7 years; (c) 7 days of the Terran week; and (4) 7 musical notes Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti.

Very amusingly, the same law has been captured in many folklore—myths & legends—from diverse cultures. As I write this piece, I am researching on the folklore of Southeast Asia, and just a cursory review of some myths have revealed the embedded codification of the septenary law in the myths, e.g. 7 original worlds.

Among our folk medicine practices in Philippines is the use of the herb Pito-Pito. The label Pito-Pito translates to Seven-Seven in English, which means seven different herbs put together to constitute a formula for general detoxifation through diuretic cleansing. Expert herbalists in the archipelago, such as the noted healer Felix Fajardo who is also a mystic, are aware of the risks of mixing too many herbs as this can cause allergies, so the maximum should be seven (7) herbs only.

Lastly, let me take up the example of the mathematical constant Pi. This goes by the equation: ∏ = 22/7. In numerology, 22 is a power number which signifies abilities to conquer (eg. conquest in one’s profession). The denominator 7 is, as one obviously sees, the septenary law being resonated.

[Philippines, 05 October 2011]

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