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LAW OF MOTION September 29, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

I’m sure everybody else who reached up to secondary education, from simpleton to erudite, were taught the subjects of physics, chemistry, and physical education or equivalent. Motion is paramount in comprehending the behavior of humans, objects, atoms and sub-atomic particles, celestial bodies, galaxies, and more.

Those who moved up a bit to immerse in college education was surely taught classical mechanics, and the name of Sir Isaac Newton rings a strong bell in elementary physics. There were also Copernicus, Galileo, and related scientific luminaries who were taken up with more detail then in secondary school.

The said luminaries plus Da Vinci, Roger Bacon, Erasmus, Des Cartes, Francis Bacon to name a few, were on errands from the spiritual Brotherhood. The errand that holds them in common was the institutionalization of the foundations of modern science. May we add that they all were concerned with the subject matter of the Law of Motion and the proper modeling of reality based on this cosmic law.

In my workshop on mysticism in 1994, the Guru Felix Fojas contended in the workshop manual distributed to us Initiates (of the White Lodge) the following (to quote him):

Everything in existence contains atoms that move or vibrate at a specific rate. This holds true from the physical to the spiritual planes or dimensions. Physical atoms move in a straight line. Astral atoms travel in a curved line. Mental atoms move in a zigzag pattern. Spiritual atoms travel in a spiral.

Des Cartes was the prime initiator in modeling of motion along straight line. The nearest distance between two points is a straight line, says a contention that traces back to Euclid (another Adept who embodied here to do errands for the masters). The Euclidian-Cartesian paradigm became the basis for understanding motion, inclusive of the movement of history or ‘evolution’, in modernity.

Even the Western theory of evolution is largely a lineal theory. In Herbert Spenser’s (most influential evolutionist thinker) discourse, society evolved from ‘militant’ to ‘industrial’ stages, based on the movement of life forms from simple to complex. Darwin applied the same linear, Euclidian-Cartesian principle, as biological forms accordingly evolved from the most simple (microbiotic such as uni-celled species) to the most complex (humanity).

Morgan, Frazer, and Tylor, foundational anthropologists, also theorized in like vein: that cultures evolved from Savagery (hunting/foraging) to Barbarism (pastoral, horticulture), and finally to Civilization (writing tradition, age of metals, and onwards to industrialism). Notice the same linear, Euclidian-Cartesian logic behind their theory of culture.

The deconstruction of the linear, Euclidian-Cartesian discourse resulted to echoes of new discourses. The founders of quantum theory and relativity theory were largely motivated by citing the limits to linear logic, and proposing the alternative non-linear motion. Accordingly, the nearest distance between two points is a curve, and that deconstructionist logic is fundamental to cosmology, to description and explication of motion in space.

Albert Einstein, a chela of the masters, was permitted to reveal to the world certain facets of the curvi-linear patterns of motion. Silently, Einstein studied the works of the masters and turned out to be a relatively balanced thinker within the social world of intellectuals (scientists, philosphers) where ego-mania and/or toxic narcissism prevail. Einstein did well, and had since ascended decades after his physical exit.

Highly advanced Initiates, e.g. Annie Besant, utilized their higher faculties to observe and substantiate the subsidiary theses about the motion of mental atoms and spiritual atoms. To a certain extent, Hegel was able to intuit upon the spiral motion of reality, but its substantiation and at what domains spiral motion operated were largely credited to the master-Adepts of the Brotherhood.

The modern Adepts also observed the form-shapes of atoms, whose looks are much different from the way physical scientists modeled them (see A. Besant’s works on the sciences). In the process, the adepts discovered that as one moves from a more dense to a less dense plane or dimension, the atoms also tended to be more spaced apart from each other. That explains why astral beings, e.g ghosts or elementaries, can penetrate physical barriers with ease as the atoms of their bodies are more spaced apart.

[Philippines, 10 September 2011]

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