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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Gracious day to all ye Aspirants to the Path!

The cycles of life, taken from a very macrocosmic vantage point, are truly recondite realities. The human mind is simply too finite to comprehend them, yet they can be apperceived.

Great teachers from antiquity to the present have shared notes about the cycles of lifewave to their disciples, so this facet of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom is one that has been openly known yet few can comprehend it. Let us reflect on it, with focus on the most astronomical of cycles: Maha-Kalpa and its subsidiaries of 100 Days & Nights of Brahma or Manvantara.

In ancient Vedic and Tibetan wisdom texts, it was already contended and explicated that a great cycle of Kalpa proceeds as part of unfolding of life. Each Kalpa is then subdivided into 7 manvantara. On an even greater scale, the unfolding of Kosmos onwards to the emanations of objective worlds and sentient beings, and then back to the dissolution phase and into a ‘deep sleep’ , is called Maha-Kalpa, a cycle of 100 Days & Nights of Brahma.

Kosmos is a being unto itself that is an effect of a larger or primary cause. That primary cause is the One Universal Principle—omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent—known to the folks as Supreme Deity. The Supreme Deity doesn’t sleep at all, while the emanations and dissolutions of the Kosmos from out of the inbreaths and outbreaths of the former has been going on for an infinite period.

Incomprehensible to us is the Day & Night of Brahma—the inbreath and outbreath of supreme deity—so no one can answer when all of the process started. Suffice as to treat is as postulate that such is how Kosmos, with its two synergistic aspects of objective and subjective universes, came to being and dissolved later.

Brahma is the deity of the physical universe, and so it is unto Him-Her that eastern philosophers (masters, Perfected Ones) have associated in antiquity the inbreaths and outbreaths of supreme deity. The totality of inbreath and outbreath is called maha-kalpa. The Kosmos emerges when the out-breath takes place, while it dissolves when the in-breath ensues. Each in-breath & out-breath is manvantara, while the dissolution is termed pralaya.

To be able to imagine the entire manvantara, one has to learn to meditate and set a track record of meditation practice. After over a decade of practice, one would notice that in-breath will no longer be pure air but energy called chi or prana. Often than not, an in-breath is shorter than an out-breath.

In the overall scheme of things, the length of out-breath exceeding that of in-breath is largely relative. Yet it could indeed be such, that in-breath is shorter. During the pralaya, the dissolution phase, many Dark Chohans take advantage of the situation and prey helplessly upon those who will fail to reach the nirvana state.

So there must be a quickening, so as to avoid the numbers of sentient beings that can be sucked into the destructive vortices of the energies of Dark Chohans. Such dark beings and many other disintegrative or failed evolutions will be destroyed in the nothingness of cosmic decay, while the essence of the One Universal Principle will be re-integrated back to supreme deity minus the souls or identities of the failed evolutes.

From the beginning of the manvantara to the terminal phase of pralaya, nothing will be lost in the Light-essence of supreme deity. Those beings that will be able to make it, those that attain super-human states, will have a chance to be re-awakened in the next manvantara.

[Philippines, 04 September 2011]


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