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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw mula sa Fellow ng Kapatirang Ispiritual! Good Day from a Fellow of the Spiritual Brotherhood!

In a previous article, this Adept of the Brotherhood articulated about the Lords of the Flame as led by Sanat Kumara who is Terra’s planetary Logos. Let me expound more on the subject of spiritual hierarchy for Earth by sharing the identities of other hierarchs who report to the Lord Sanat Kumara as their logos.

• Lord Mahachohan represents the wisdom aspect of the One Universal Principle (God/Almighty) on Terra. A Great Teacher who is mentor unto ascended masters.

• Christ is the manifestation of the Love aspect of the One Universal Principle on Terra.

• Buddha represents the Will aspect of the One Universal Principle on Terra.

• Manu, leader of the present 5th root race of humans, who directs the evolution of humanity at present. Known in vedic scripts as Vaivasvata Manu.

• Lords of Karma, also known as Lipikas in the East, the Recording Angels. They are mandated to dispense with justice matters appertaining to karmas of souls on Earth. They are aided by the Seven Mighty Archangels, namely: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Seathiel, Baraquiel, Uriel and Judiel.

Certain polarized minds see only the male side to the hierarchs sited. Let that be the problem of those with polarized mindsets and schizoid personalities. As I mentioned in the previous article, no one imposes spiritual hierarchs on anyone as we were endowed with the free will and devotion to attune to the spiritual hierarchy and evolve spiritually through painstaking attainment and practice of the practical aspects of Divine Wisdom.

The hierarchs have long achieved their own perfection as they have integrated both Yin and Yang elements within them. Each one of them represents the masculine facet of the larger whole that comprises their respective Twinflames who likewise have attained perfection too long ago. All the hierarchs have attained full union their respective twinflames and are androgynous.

As already mentioned, it is from the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth that the Divine Plan was elicited. The Divine Plan for Terra was crafted thanks to Lord Sanat Kumara, it has been implemented, and will ensue in implementation up through the end of the Maha-Kalpa or great cycle of lifewave comprising of 100 Days & Nights of Brahma. All directives about what will be done for Terra shall come from them alone.

There is protocol to follow whenever some divine beings outside of Terra would wish to share some thoughts about what can be done for Terra. If intervention by certain lower dimension beings from other star systems will be approved at a certain juncture on Terra, it will be approved with the imprimatur of the Lord Ancient of Days.

After 2012, Terra’s lowest plane will be fully re-taken by the spiritual hierarchy. An avatar will be mandated to pursue governance tasks down here, aided by guardians who are ascended master (Christed Ones) in awareness. The Evil Adepts down here will be arrested and transferred to their negative planet (a Kama Loka or hell planet), as the wise governance of the spiritual hierarchy will be established.

[Philippines, 01 September 2011]

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