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Magandang hapon! Good afternoon!

In case that starseeds—those souls who arrived recently and have lived few lives on Earth—may not be aware of it, Earth has a spiritual hierarchy. The knowledge of this hierarchy should likewise be known to the old-timer Terrans. No one imposes this hierarchy on anyone, it is free will and devotion that ought to get one to attune to the spiritual hierarchs of Earth.

As already mentioned, mahatmas identified over 1,000,000 habitable planets in the very ancient times across the physical universe. While cooling at rather slower rate then other planets, Earth just the same was able to develop life support system, sufficient to evolve sentient beings here. This was part of the core knowledge of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom handed to us by the mahatmas of the East who comprise a part of the Elders of Light of the planet.

It was upon the shoulders of the Lord Ancient of Days, known in Bharata (India) as Sanat Kumara, that the duties for spiritual guardianship of Earth fell. Let it be stressed that the Solar system and its constituent planets had spiritual hierarchs assigned to them, a team of creator deities all. As unto the Sun and the planets, so was it unto Earth.

Sanat Kumara, also known as Lord of Sixteen Summers, came to Earth originally with a team of seven (7) Kumaras in all including himself. As it is known to us mystics, he transited to Terra via Venus, and let it be stressed that Lady Venus is his beloved Twinflame. The seven includes Sanat Kumara himself, and (3) three of the seven (7) have since left back for Venus.

Being thus mandated the Planetary Logos post, Sanat Kumara optimizes the work with three (3) deputies to assist in his ministration of Earth, namely: (a) Sanaka, the Lesser Ancient; (b) Sanatana, the Eternal; and, (c) Sanandana, or Full of Rejoicing. Altogether, the deities of Earth are called the Lords of the Flames.

The Lords of the Flames arrived on Earth circa 16,000,000 years ago yet. They reside in the mystical, eternal city of Shamballah, which is located in the etheric plane. That spot is roughly in the Gobi desert, but is of no desert environ in its plane. A city of the Divine, only the most evolved souls inhabit it, while advancing souls from the physical plane are allowed to visit it for meditation, studies, and mentoring by the spiritual hierarchs there.

The time of arrival of the Lords of the Flames coincides with the descent of the 3rd root race, and there was then a decision to deprogram the evolving Terrans for their willful running agog in the dense spheres and full immersion in desire. Sanat Kumara begged the Council of 24 Elders that Terrans be given the chance to evolve, and that was when re-incarnation was introduced so as to give the reincarnating soul the chance to evolve from the gutter level of dark karmas.

Since the Lord Sanat Kumara didn’t embody on the physical plane, he has remained in the eternity of youth relative to us down here who die of aging after just a few decades of existence. He had come down therefore in the collective psyche as the Divine Child, and that Divine Child image had galvanized into different expressions across different culture.

In the Philippines, the Divine Child is called the Sto. Niňo, believed to be the Infant Jesus. Certain healers claim that the Divine Child supposedly possesses them to help them heal others, but that is a mere belief. Sanat Kumara’s energy is beyond our tolerance threshold, He doesn’t touch an advancing Aspirant directly in fact though He does offer blessings to the Initiates of the Brotherhood and give His Mandate to them to do the Work in advancing the spheres of Light on the physical plane.

Let it be stressed that we Brothers & Sisters of Light, who received mandates directly from Sanat Kumara, recognize His Divinity Lord Sanat Kumara’s authority and those of his entourage of hierarchs and no other authority for Earth. I myself, who used to have embodiments in Sirius, doesn’t accept authority from certain extraterrestrial powers who manipulate certain Terrans (starseeds among them) for purposes other than the Divine Plan for Earth.

The Divine Plan for Terra comes from the Lord Sanat Kumara and his entourage of hierarchs and not elsewhere. So mote it be.

[Philippines, 28 August 2011]

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  1. Rohini Says:

    Is Sanat Kumara also know as the immortal
    Babaji Nagaraj?

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