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MAHATMAS REVEAL 1,000,000 HABITABLE PLANETS September 14, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

To continue with peregrinations on Divine Wisdom, the mahatmas of the Great White Brotherhood did release voluminous reports about the expanding Kosmos. Cosmogenesis or cosmic evolution, the complex process of projections of planes and beings from the Spirit-Force or One Universal Principle (God as folks name him/her), is contained in the 1st volume of the 2-volume Secret Doctrine authored by Helena Blavatsky, chela of the mahatmas and chohans.

In many writings, the mystics who comprised the founders of the Theosophical Society discoursed on Kosmos, from the emanation of the highest spiritual planes through the tedious galvanizations of the material planes. The formation of celestial bodies were correspondingly covered, the principles behind such phenomena explicated, and physical matter observed and desribed (using mystical faculties) down to the sub-atomic level.

In the process of cosmogenesis, the mahatmas never failed to reveal the original 1,000,000+ habitable planets. Employing Divine Wisdom’s version of astrophysics, the formation of planets were described and explained, beginning with their gaseous mass formations from star materials through their getting into orbits and onwards through the cooling of innumerable planets.

Such cooling then became conditions that made specialized beings—Creator Deities—to decide to evolve new beings notably humans. As already summarized by me in other articles, the process of evolution of humans went through four (4) Evolutionary Rounds, of which we are situated in the 4th Round.

As to our very own Sun or Solus, thirty (30) planets were cited by the Mahatmas through the mystical chelas as having gravitated eventually to it. Of the 30, just about ten (10) are visible on the physical plane, while the rest are located in the higher planes. The mystics incidentally had their higher faculties opened during the synergy with Mahatmas, thus enabling their direct observation of the planets and reporting on them via pamphlets and publications of the Theosophical Society.

The Earth itself has seven (7) globes, or seven dimensions. Veiled folks are able to see only the physical globe of Earth, though many have an idea of the 2nd globe or ‘astral Earth’ which they go to every time their respective body sleeps and their astral bodies traverse their natural ecology of astral plane.

In light of latest updates from astronomers, who publicly announced that the Milky Way has about 200 Billion stars, it is most fitting to reflect on the challenge placed upon the shoulders of creator deities to aid in directing the evolutions of beings—from mineral through super-human—in the star systems. The task is indubitably astronomical, but trust the deities, who evolved to godhood during previous manvantaras yet, that they have enormous powers and capabilities to proceed with doing the impossible.

What we can make of the mahatmas’ reports is that of the trillions upon trillions of planets, inclusive of the exo-planets (free-traveling planets without suns), just a few made it to life-supporting criterion. Whether the numbers of habitable planets have since increased is a matter that is left to future spiritual masters to reveal.

[Philippines, 22 August 2011]
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