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Erle Frayne D. Argonza
31 August 2011

Gracious Day from this Fellow of the Great White Lodge!

Only 68 weeks remain as of this writing. Already, signs are getting clearer of the changing timeline. Events that were long prophesied, such as Armageddon (the planned World War III) and the Tyranny in the West (Bonaparte’s re-embodiment and take-over of Euro-power), will not happen anymore.

The Almighty Father has been intervening on Earth since ’74 yet, and his intervention schemes are being reinforced by the spiritual Masters who comprise the Brotherhood. The interventions have been so potent as to stop the return of California to the sea, neutralize war plans and destructive agenda of the Illuminati/New World Order, mitigate powerful tectonics and storms, and more.

The overthrow of the Arab tyrant Gadhafy, who was actually installed to power by the British financier oligarchy, is among the additions to the events of overthrowing Orion-Draco overlords and tyranny. Libya’s democratization reinforces the neutralization of the planned World War III which could have pitted a Sunni Arab-Zion Alliance versus Shiite Persia & allies.

Prior to the Arab Spring, Israel was already undertaking heavy preparations for a direct assault on Iran. The preparations were largely done in Romania, though other pockets of areas served as tactical offensives training spots. World War III was just weeks away!

The Arab Spring came, and the planned global conflagration has gone awry. Even the technocrats of the Northern powers, who serve at the feet of the Orion-Draco Empire masters, openly admitted that they don’t possess the (analytical) tools to comprehend the Arab Spring, both the regional and the country-based studies, thus disabling the North’s oligarchy from waging a Plan B strategy.

The list of overthrows is now getting longer. There was the neutralization of the Bush Dynasty neo-cons in the USA that put an end to the planned dictatorship in America. Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have seen their Orion bosses overthrown and replaced with nascent democracies. Shinawatra won power in Thailand, ending the 5-year rule of Northern oligarchs’ puppets and reversing the punitive neo-liberal policies there.

You can go ahead and add your list of overthrows. In Brazil the Empire overthrow was done earlier as Lula & party came to power (Rousseff continues the pro-people/anti-Empire policies of Lula). The whole of Latin America has gone pink, a pink that is soaked in autonomy and not the type that can be manipulated by the Illuminati operators.

Just about a decade ago, the Draconians sent a re-invasion force to retake Earth. Had it been successful, the Draconians could have reinforced the Empire leaders of Earth in their Tyranny installations (e.g. totalitarian Europe, Bush tyranny in USA) and World War III offensives. That invasion force was thwarted by the Confederation of Light, with just but a rag-tag lost command of it now doing hide & seek in the 4th dimension.

At this juncture, any Orion regime (80% of Terrans are Orions) that is overthrown will have no chance of being replaced by another Orion leadership. Starseeds are in critical mass of leaderships, from corporate to states, and their presence in new regimes ensures the policies of redistribution and harmony with other nations (away from polarities of wars and economic sabotage).

The fate of the once mighty Orion & Draco Empire is now clearer as far as Terra is concerned: its overthrow day in and day out. Solaria (solar system) is finally being freed from the Empire as the only remaining planet under the latter’s control is seeing regime changes even prior to the 2012 planetary Ascension.

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