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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good day from this White Robe & Fellow of the Great White Lodge!

Theos Sophia or divine wisdom has been very succinct about the need to send thousands of Christs and Buddhas to help save Terra’s trapped souls. Such move is a basic strategy in pursuit of the Divine Plan, which traces directly from the Lord Sanat Kumara, Logos of the Planet, also known as Ancient of Days.

Amongst all ascended beings that evolved during the past eons, Theos Sophia or divine wisdom was very emphatic about the exemplary feats of the Lord Buddha. In the Mahatma Letters to A.Sinnett, Mahatma Kooth Hoomi or KH stressed that the Great Teacher returned again and again just to be able to save a few. [Note: Mahatma Kooth Hoomi was still in physical embodiment when he interfaced with A.Sinett for the mission of writing, publishing, and disseminating Divine Wisdom.]

So here we go again rewinding the aphorism “many are called but few are chosen.” Divine Hierarchy doesn’t practice favoritism among the devotees, and neither does the Almighty Providence or One Universal Principle exercise favoritism in granting divine grace among Aspirants. Rather, the Light of divine wisdom has been brought forth unto the many, but only a few chose to take it at heart and eventually attain Self-realization or moksha (liberation).

As Mahatma KH was saying in the Letters, as the end of the present Manvantara or great cycle of out-breath (emanation/expansion) and in-breath (contraction) by the One Universal Principle, many shall fall by the wayside and be destroyed. Remember that every being was given a chance to evolve, and humans were endowed with free will to move up the ladders back to the One Universal Principle.

There is no such thing as divine grace applied to all human souls in order to return to the One Universal Principle, regardless of the laggardness of the greatest many and the demonic actions (thoughts-feelings-behavior) of a significant proportion. Theos Sophia was very clear in this minimum goal of soul evolution: Dhyan Chohan or Planetary Spirit awareness level. That is, before the end of the Manvantara, an enthused Aspirant must be at least a Dhyan Chohan.

Lord Buddha is at that level today, even as he ministers our beloved Terra spiritually as co-executor of Lord Sanat Kumara. It is surely a cause for great celebration that Terrans finally succeeded to produce such a perfectly ennobled soul of Lord Buddha who has been the exemplar of all Adepts since his successful feat of becoming avatara. An avatar is a Master-Adept whose God-body or monad, the 7th body, is finally activated, thus ending eons of efforts at soul evolution. It is God-realization par excellence. Avatara Buddha is the Will aspect of Godhead.

“Save a few” translates to just a handful of souls, from a minimum of 1 to maximum of 5 souls. That’s the number of fingers in one of your palms. Assuming that the Buddha was able to save 2 every time he embodied, and Buddha returned a thousand times over, than that means 2,000 souls were already saved as they attained Self-realization or activation of the 5th body called soul or atma.

Once an Aspirant attains Self-realization, s/he is free to choose any planet to incarnate into. Already freed from cycles of rebirth, the choice to reborn is now voluntary. The Aspirant, depending on his/her pace of development, will then attain Christhood or Buddhahood at the next level, by a successful activation of the 6th body or Christ-body. Imagine how many former saints or self-realized souls mentored by Buddha have finally reached this level, it could just be 200 to 300 ascended masters. And that’s the largest it can go!

The Lord Gautama therefore went through many grueling sacrifices just to be able to help chelas or disciples attain Self-realization, and simultaneously help self-realized ones (saints) attain ascension or Chrishood/Buddhahood. And the good news for everyone is that those he mentored, who have become great masters, are succeeding today in fast-tracking the saving of 144,000 aspirants termed as ‘white robes’, whom the Almighty Providence could grant ascension or Christhood/Buddhahood at the threshold of the Golden Age of Light.

[Philippines, 24 May 2011]

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