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Theos Sophia or divine wisdom was brought unto mankind by the spiritual masters who constitute the spiritual Brotherhood or Divine Elders. It was for a long time passed on exclusively to the Initiates of the ‘inner mysteries’, till around the latter 19th century’s half when the spiritual Hierarchy gave the go signal to offer Theos Sophia to the general public in the most open form possible. Theos Sophia, to make it clear, isn’t ‘angel wisdom’.

Divine wisdom concerns the very beginnings of the cosmos from the One Universal Principle, through the appearances of the diverse universes or planes and the universal laws operative in them, through the birthing of the ‘sons’, and onwards through the operations of the cyclic law of evolution and attendant impacts on the mineral, vegetable, animal, devic, human, and superhuman entities.

So vast and encyclopedic a body of truth, Theos Sophia was summed up in the 3-volume Secret Doctrine penned by Helena P. Blavatsky, chela of the chohans (higher-level ascended masters), with the mahatmas Kooth Hoomi and Morya El providing the greatest articulations to their chela (disciple) to complete the books. Finally, till these days, no longer is divine wisdom a hidden treasure but an open depository of wisdom for every soul on Earth to study, digest, and apply the practical facets to become Self-realized beings.

The top Hierarchs of Terra’s Divine Elders—Lord Sanat Kumara (then the planetary Logos) & 3 Kumaras or Logoi, Lord Kolki, Lord Mahachohan, Lord Buddha (great Teacher)—were all in chorus in directing the release of divine wisdom to mankind. There was no fiat whatsoever to release ‘angelic wisdom’, which now makes ripples among lightworker circles.

Having immersed myself in the teachings of great masters—in Theos Sophia and related variants (kriya, anthroposophy)—I could only find enigma in the release of so-called ‘angel wisdom’ which does not stand out among the discourses of the Divine. ‘Angel wisdom’ is an oxymoron in fact, as wisdom doesn’t come from angels but from God-realized beings we know as deities and ascended masters.

Angels belong to a different cosmogony, and so it wouldn’t be fitting for an Adept like me to discourse about them, being myself focused on humanity and Terrans as learned from divine wisdom. However, it is fully known among Adepts that angels do pass the process of evolutionary phases too, descend into the lower worlds as part of the general process, till finally they climb back to the higher planes in a rather sharp upward arc.

Thus, angels can also experience their versions of Self-realization, with the most evolved ones becoming ‘Masters of wisdom’ who can thus articulate on wisdom lessons to their own kinds. Archangels are of a different breed from angels, they being Ascended Beings or Christed Ones, as they achieved spiritual perfection in a previous Manvatara yet, and were mandated to administer very large regions of the cosmos to ensure state-of-balance thereof.

If there is any facet of divine wisdom coming from celestial/angelic beings, it would be those discourses coming straight from the Archangels and not from ordinary angels. Indeed, certain facets of the same, such as the higher mysteries of ‘keys to divinity’, were granted release by Lord Metatron, most likely with resonant concurrence by the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Mother Mary (Raphael’s twinflame), and others, to certain chelas on Earth.

One such facet was released through the Master-Adept John Jacob Hurtak, in the book Keys of Enoch. Accordingly, it was the Ascended Master Enoch who directly articulated the Theos Sophia facet on the keys to the chela JJ Hurtak. This one opus I fully accept as part of divine wisdom, but I’ll have nothing to do with angelic cult discourses on ‘angel wisdom’.

[Philippines, 12 May 2011]

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