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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

There is today a subtle if not overt maligning and slandering of spiritual Masters by self-acclaimed ‘starseeds’ and ‘lightworkers’. While not exactly alarming as the situation was when masters were persecuted outright, the attitude of hostility and bellicosity are marks of a Demoniac or one ruled by the AntiChrist Mind.

Among devotees of religious cults or sects it would be understandable if the members of a church would malign the founding masters of other religions. That is the polarity they were bred into, their respective gods being those Dark Chohans who desire to become dominant during the pralaya or dissolution phase of the ‘day and night of Brahma’ (in-breath and out-breath of the One Universal Principle).

We are still very much located within the context of the downward arc of the 4th Evolutionary Round, a context of Kali Yuga or Dark Age. So within this context we can understand the predominance of the AntiChrist Mind, which attempts to tear down and annihilate what the Divine Beings have built across eons as spiritual teachings and practices. This mind had already degenerated Western Man into Absolute Evil, and it won’t stop till it will be swept off by the forces of universal law.

So even inside the social networks of ‘starseeds’ and ‘lightworkers’, the AntiChrist types do abound in great numbers. Those puppets of Moloch—the Evil Master who inspires the New Age Religion (centered on psychism, channeling, wicca, or astral fixations)—comprise a very large entourage, with as huge as 35% of one particular social network infested with them.

Their entry into the social networks is also inflamed to the hilt by the presence in the U.S.A. of the representative of the AntiChrist—the embodied soul fragment of Ahriman. His embodiment was prophesied a century ago yet by the master Rudolf Steiner, who revealed Ahriman’s coming embodiment in the West, sheltered as he will be by a family of wealth to which he was born in the 2nd half of the past century.

The Ahrimanic vibration thus serves like fuel unto those Demoniacs who are everywhere, inclusive of starseed and lightworker social networks. It isn’t very difficult to spot them, though some of them resort to metaphysical sophistry to conceal what they are. Those easily identifiable ones openly cast aspersions on Christed Ones, such as to begin a comment with “Ascended Masters are too distant, beyond our reach” idiom.

The anti-master attitude is just one step short of heaping up hysteria among fanatical Demoniacs and persecuting great masters of which dozens are still living on the ground today, aside from the White Robes of 144,000 who already ascended to master awareness level in 2008 yet. 2,000 years ago the same demoniacs conspired with Fallen Ones inside the Sanhedrin to crucify Jesus, and with the Roman authorities to crucify the apostles and disciples.

The same Demoniacs were responsible for the burning of historical and spiritual documents across time. Among the lamentable acts they did to my beloved Philippines was the burning by the Spanish authorities of ancient literary, biographical, and relevant documents, thus undercutting our islanders’ access to our own past heritage. The AntiChrist behavior also destroyed the Filipinos’ inclination to read, a trait that was theirs’ authentically but was lost due to the same evil.

Ahriman, Illuminati Adepts, dark astral beings, and demoniacs on the surface are being closely watched today by the Forces of Light. They can still do a lot of damage with their defamatory and dirty remarks on masters and true spiritual seekers & mystics, yet their window of opportunity for such demonic acts is rapidly closing.

[Philippines, 04 May 2011]

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