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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Gracious evening from this Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

As I wrote this note, a planned nuke-bombing of a global city in Europe by the Luciferan adepts was just recently neutralized by the Light Forces. The bombing of that city could have been blamed on Iran, which could have rationalized the destruction of Iran by Israel and its Western sponsors.

Whatever the agenda of the Illuminates is expected to unleash, we could only do some guess works. The cities I refer to are the global cities: those 35 metropolitan and megalopolitan cities that comprise today’s ‘global nexus’ or center. Visualize those cities as gigantic beads and interconnect them with a large rope so that they constitute a gigantic rosary, and you’d see what today’s global center is: not a single city but 35 or so global cities.

In my own backyard, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), the following cities are part of the ‘global nexus’: Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Singapore. Two of these cities, Manila and Singapore, were on the menu of catastrophic destruction by the Illuminati, through either the Tesla Earthquake Machine (TEM) or nuke bomb, and were already scheduled for conversion to rubbles, but they are still standing tall.

Remember that in Sept. 11 of 2001, the evil cabal bombed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, by using Manchurian Candidates or MCs working inside jihadist terror cells to crash jumbo jets into the edifices. New York wasn’t exactly flattened, but the ailing US economy saw its downward spin to a short-cycle recession at that time. That destructive fiery event was then used to justify the invasion of Afghanistan and make preparations to invade Iraq.

That was then. It seems that for this current decade, the agenda is to flatten the global cities altogether through Tesla/TEM, nuke bomb, or whatever WMD (weapons of mass destruction) there are on the menu of WMDs. The use of both terrorist cells and mafia operators are the core tactics for igniting the WMDs.

The message is getting clearer now to the lower rung members of Illuminati networks: that their bosses on top echelon just couldn’t pull off their catastrophic plans at this juncture in the same vogue as the ones they pulled off in the 20th century. Their planned World Wars I & II did push through, but the World War III is getting stalled, and they are already two (2) years behind schedule (that conflagration could have started in mid-2009 yet).

The lower rung members are now casting doubts on the capability of their top bosses to wrought havoc on the planet, while the middle-rung operators could be reeling under demoralization and devastation. There are betrayals and defections going on, and those defections especially from middle-rung operators are causing panic on the top echelon who John Coleman identified as the Committee of 300 or C300.

It is now getting more manifest that the balance of forces or BOF is rapidly tilting towards the Light Forces. The window of maneuverability by the Dark Forces down on the ground is rapidly narrowing. Thus, in the short run their ability to consolidate their forces will be ruined and crashed, till their arrest by Gabriel’s Forces & the Seraphic Forces will come as a coup d’grace to arrest and obliterate the most evil of all Dark bosses down here.

[Philippines, 29 June 2011]

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