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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

In the Letters of Mahatmas to A.Sinnett, the mahatmas—who were Ascend Masters of the spiritual Brotherhood—began to painstakingly explain Theos Sophia or divine wisdom to their western contacts. Those contacts, A.Sinett among them, were the organizers and leaders of the Theosophical Society, created as the vehicle to spread the pronouncements and metaphysical peregrinations of the mahatmas and chohans.

Mahatma Kooth Hoomi was particularly enthusiastic, in his elucidations of the evolutionary principles, in narrating what future humans will be like. He kept mum about the phases of the human evolutes from the 5th through the 7th rounds, but he gave some hints about their characteristics based on personages and divine figures we know.

As to the end of the 4th Evolutionary Round’s last two ‘root races’, the mahatmas were very emphatic of their examples: the brightest intellectuals of the day. In our parlance today, we can subdivide these into two: (a) geniuses, whose intelligence quotience is past 140, and who are on upper 2% of the analytic-logical-linguistic faculties; and, (b) gifted mind, both of whose left brain hemisphere (analytic-logical-linguistic) and right brain (intuitive-esthetic) are in active operation, with IQs past 150, comprising of 1 out of every 10,000 heads.

Using our own modern figures as examples, the likes of Einstein, Jose Rizal (Philippines’ national hero/Southeast Asia’s greatest writer), and Nikola Tesla are examplars of genius-to-gifted minds. The great news is that Terra will comprise a population comprising of them during the last two root subraces: Rizals, Einsteins, Teslas. Those who are today above-average or ‘bright-normal’ in intelligence may still be around to comprise the dumbest of the species.

Visualize the world tens of thousands of years from now, as their archeologists by then will dig through new sites. The said scientists will most likely discover the physical remains and cultural relics of our present family races, and they would perhaps laugh with guffaws at how primitive our races are. “Look at those dull brained sloths, those ridiculous teeth sets that are barbaric (carnivorous),” so they’d muse.

“Oh My God! Look at those internal organs, what do they call them?” they would go aghast at the stomach, intestines, bile, and other organs of frozen remains of ancient humans (our present). “How barbaric!” would be their exclamations as they might burst with guffaws. “They are subhumans who are not unlike ant eaters—they know nothing but eat!!!!!” And they’d instantly know, just by having their auras touch the bone relics, as their mystical faculties (4th Plane senses) are open.

To go on, Mahatma Kooth Hoomi particularly cited Plato as an exemplar of the 5th Round evolute. Plato, to recall, was a great philosopher, gifted mind, Initiate of Theos Sophia, and a spiritual master. So you can extrapolate, from the geniuses and gifted minds, on through ‘masters of wisdom’, that the 5th Round evolutes will be gifted minds whose 5th bodies—or atma (soul)—are activated and operative.

But Mahatma Kooth Hoomi or KH didn’t stop there. He excitingly shared the heraldry that 6th Round evolutes are already with us. He has no better exemplar than that of the Buddha, who ascended at such a very rapid rate and steep upward curve that he even surpassed his predecessors. Already a Planetary Spirit or Dhyan Chohan, Buddha is the indubitable model of all Adepts of mystical science.

Evolution doesn’t stop there however. For there is still a 7th Evolutionary Round, and Mahatma KH simply kept mum about it. But he was very clear in his exclamatory statement that at the end of the Manvantara—great cycle of emanation and contraction of the cosmos—that many souls today, too many to count, won’t make it. They will be destroyed, as he himself exclaimed with deep compassion for those who will disintegrate.

The lesson is clear: evolve into a Dhyan Chohan at least, so that your individuality can be absorbed back into the One Universal Principle: Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent. Who knows that in the next Manvantara, you will be back amongst new divine beings as a Bodhisattva, such as the Lord Earth Store Boddhisattva? That is the challenge posed to us by the One Universal Principle or Godhead.

[Philippines, 28 April 2011]

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