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Good morning from the boondocks west of Manila!

I shared my peregrinations about Theos Sophia or divine wisdom in previous articles. My last note concerns the unpreparedness of Terrans for divine wisdom amid the open offering of Theos Sophia to the general public.

As many teachers were already sent forth by the divine Elders, teachers led by Mahavatars and great masters, we should expect a relative soaking of Terrans’ mind to the ‘wisdom of the ages’ and should express by now a strong need for such jewels of wisdom. Alas! Such isn’t the situation, as the resistance to Theos Sophia remains strong.

Please note that there just can’t be teachers all of the time, so as the quickening plateaus past the year 2030, the people of New Earth will find out that teachers are practically gone! There is a time limit set for the conduct of the teaching task, even as the World Teacher ends his very own grand mission as such. As the World Teacher’s task recedes, so will the gurus or mentors end theirs’.

As already released by the Brotherhood, through the Saptarishi gurus who are living great masters, the World Leader will begin his mission very soon upon the formal cessation of the World Teacher’s task. Lord Kolki, the World Teacher, will be performing the role of Cosmic Christ, and so the configurations of his multiple tasks will change somehow.

As elucidated by me in another article before, the World Leader will serve his post for the 21,000-year duration of the Golden Age of Light. He has already begun to dry-run his duties, as he calls upon would-be Guardians who will execute his fiats down the ground post-2012. I can still say more about his coming, save for the fact that I am only permitted to confirm of His Holy Leader’s forthcoming post.

Will there be a need then for gurus down the ground? That will depend on the felt need of the forthcoming seekers. But one thing is clear: there won’t be anymore gurus down here in as many thousands as we were here from 1987 through 2012. For aside from 300 great masters sent forth to mentor from 1945 through 1987, 144,000 White Robes were sent here thru the auspices of the Lord Ancient of Days.

We never had such a time in our history when we were endowed with so many thousands of teachers. Just recently, the great master Sai Baba passed away, and he was one of those original 300 who arrived before the 144,000 White Robes yet. But after 2030, when construction of the new communities post-catastrophe will ensue, teachers will have folded up their tasks as they take on variegated roles other than teaching.

I myself will drastically reduce my teaching tasks after 2012. My former one-on-one intensive mentoring may no longer be viable, as I will keep on moving across regions, dimensions, councils. Instead, I will lecture to groups of seekers and mystics who may need to learn specific lessons that I can offer.

I’m afraid there will be too few teachers around to do the intensive one-on-one mentoring post-2030. Terrans were given the chance to be mentored in divine wisdom around the years 1945 (postwar) through 2012, and almost 7 billion souls regarded the jewels of wisdom with indifference and even hostility. Even those 20% who, thanks to Divine Grace, will make it to New Earth, will comprise too many S.O.B.s who will have nothing to do with divine wisdom, their ego inflated by the thought of being saved already, or of being guided by their Inner Guides.

So we should not be surprised that after the 21,000 year Age of Light is over, at the threshold of the 5th Evolutionary Round, when an interim nirvana state will be reached, very few will make it to the 5th Round. “Many are called but few are chosen,” which means they chose to be lazy and lackadaisical, failed to evolve, and will be swept off to lower worlds as Terrans move up to the next Evolutionary Round.

[Philippines, 22 April 2011]

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