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I began with the narcotics agenda of the Illuminati/NWO in the previous article, with focus on the economics of drugs. For this piece, I’d treat the subject of narcotics’ function to link the drug users to Dark Masters located in the astral-etheric belt of the planet.

The strategic agenda of Lucifer’s adepts (Illuminati/Committee of 300) and their institutional networks (NWO or ‘secret government’) for popularizing drugs and legalizing narcotics eventually goes beyond the economics of it, which, as already articulated, is tied up to propping up the money economy. Knowledge of the effects of narcotics on users, facts established a long time ago, impel the dark adepts to recognize the full import of drugs in connecting hundreds of millions of users to their evil Master guides.

The late mystic HP Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, did her own studies on narcotics (aside from studying psychic and spiritist phenomena). Her studies established the indubitable fact about drugs’ impact: at the moment of intake and drugs’ stay in your blood stream, it will effectively disconnect you from your own Inner Guides who will be offended by the foul smell of the substance.

Accordingly, alcohol stays in the blood stream for twenty-four (24) hours, during which time the Inner Guides will be compelled to disengage from the subject drinker. During that brief moment of intake and alcohol effect, discarnates and demonic beings (truly darkened by lack of light and so obnoxious in smell) will can attach themselves to the drinker and derive light/energy from the aura of the unsuspecting subject.

Furthermore, the stronger narcotics such as marijuana and cocaine stay in the blood stream for fifteen (15) days. Imagine the glee of demons and discarnates during those days of subject’s disconnection from the Light guides, days that enable them to feast on the light of the narcotics user’s aura. That aura is fed with Light from the spiritual domains filtered down to it through the silver cord (for a mystic of Light, that cord is as large as a 2-meter diameter drum, thus protecting the Adept from psychic attacks by evil entities).

Constant usage of the drugs, more so the hallucinogenic varieties, will enable Dark Masters to directly connect to and communicate with the drug user concerned. Imagine how many persons can a Dark Master control through various means, inclusive of drug users, from whom the same Master derives Light (they can’t procure that Light from Above as they’ve been cut off from the spiritual domains by their own corruption and immersions in the dense spheres).

Expectedly, a consummate drug user—both narcotics addict and alcoholic—will attract couples of demonic beings who will be attaching themselves to the aura and chakras of the addict. Discarnates and dark elementals also normally join the fray to suck out light from the addict. But more importantly, a Dark Master derives light from and controls the thought patterns and life directions of the addict.

Any Light helper, or seeker who had advanced a bit, can actually sense the nauseating smell of the aura of any addict or consummate user. A Light mystic, on the other hand, can directly perceive during meditation the aura of any drug user who may happen to be a personal associate of the mystic. The aura that was once lighted up like a lantern turns charcoal dark and nauseatingly smelling, the mystic feels like puking during the meditation.

The aura of a consummate drug user actually smells much similarly to that of a demon’s and discarnate’s smell. The smell is akin to many bedbugs put together and is very repulsive to the observer. Even if the drug user takes a bath and splashes or sprays perfume or cologne, the perfumed user can never hide the awful smell of his/her aura.

When the population reaches 7 billions, and assume that 15% of that population would be regular narcotics users and consummate alcohol drinkers, then you have 1.1 billion souls effectively serving as playground of demons and light generators for Dark Masters. That doesn’t count yet the numerous psychiatric patients and those sick with psychological disorders or have dysfunctional personalities, who may not be drug users or consummate drinkers but are the playground of demons and puppets of Dark Masters just the same.

That is the reason why Gurus of Light are ever remindful of their chelas or apprentices to eventually deprogram and remove drinking from their menu of habits. More so, gurus proscribe the use of narcotics for the reasons cited above. Rather than take drugs, the chela should better meditate regularly, as meditation will help to cleanse and balance the subtle bodies with Light from Above, and enables the chelas to communicate with Inner Guides and Masters of Light during the moments of meditation.

Incidentally, the time for popularizing drugs will be cut short by the planetary ascension on 2012. With just a year and couples of months as window of operations of NWO drug operators, we can anticipate some points whereby drugs will be offered at rummage sale prices as a desperate move of the dark adepts and evil masters to control more souls down here at expanded scales and exponential rates.

Whether such evil desperation can indeed haul more beguiled souls unto their side remains to be seen. The increasing vibratory frequency of Earth is undercutting such efforts, with increasing number of souls getting more connected to their Inner Guides of Light and protected from the legions of evil masters and innumerable demons or asuras.

[Philippines, 01 March 2011]


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