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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
30 April 2011

Rishi Ra, White Robe among Filipinos, greets you a pleasant day from the highlands west of Manila!

It’s just 85 weeks and 6 days to planetary ascension as of this writing. Time is indeed running fast, and before long Terrans will be there at the gateway to the next dimension. We are at the ‘quickening’ sub-phase of the 25 year period from 1987 through 2012, whose effects we feel down through the DNA/phylogenetic level.

There have been too many confusing notes written about the ascension. The confusion has been compounded by the release of convoluted messages from channelers, messages that do not in reality represent Divine Hierarchs’ voices but rather those of astral-etheric elements of the following nature: elementaries, spirits of dead animals, asuras (negative elementals), demons, and Fallen Masters.

Earth’s vibratory frequency has surely been moving up since the time of the ‘harmonic convergence’ in 1987 yet. That was roughly the time when a ‘dark Chohan of the pralaya’—Lucifer—was “returned to the basic essence.” His disintegration caused so much pain on his followers down here. This explains why, during the vibratory ascent, the Luciferans have busied themselves promoting the New Age as the religion of the present, with channeling or spiritist mediumship at the core of public relations offensives.

Observably, so much public relations hype has been rendered on cyberspace to catapult the image of some dozens of channelers from obscurity to stardom. Their images as “wayshowers” were bandied round the planet, with the end-view of disabling the public mind from accessing truths regarding cosmogony, dimensions, cyclical evolution, and the Almighty’s retaking of Earth.

The same “wayshowers” pronounced in the early 90s that the Ascension will happen in 1994, as an example of how they grabbed attention away from the Lord Ancient of Days & Ascended Host towards quack spiritualists and their deluded “divine” contacts. But that’s the result of incessant Machiavellian image manipulations, so much that many are those who are lured into their deceptions and deluded roles of wayshowers.

The Great Masters down the ground did pronounce the 2012 time frame even before 1987 yet, and when they did so, we saw how the spiritist puppets of Moloch—Hierarch of the New Age religion—rode the wave and used that Mayan end of Kali Yuga as the end-time calculation to proceed with their deceptions and lies. A so-called “Melchizedek” promoted by the Fallen Ones is now being exposed as a quack, as he never even ascended on the appointed moment of White Robes’ ascension in late November of 2008.

Count those who claim to be visionaries strategically posted inside established churches and fanatical cults…Count them altogether, and you’d have an idea about the millions of False Prophets that will infest Earth during the ‘end of times’ as prophesied 2,000 years ago by John the Beloved.

As to the coalition of stellar-planetary forces in the galaxy, the Masters were clear with the usage of the term ‘confederation’, which means a loose alliance of friends gravitating around a central hub of leadership: the Great White Brotherhood’s Chohans. Contrast that to the use of the term ‘federation’ by the channelers and quack spiritualist, federation denoting a solid governance structure like today’s polities of the same nature, and you can see a huge gap in perceptions.

Earth is a ‘free market’ of ideas being a ‘school of life’, and so the polarity continues yet amid the jettison electromagnetic vibes and cacophonies of spiritist messages. In just 85 weeks and 6 days, the equation will change, as the grand deceivers will join the Fallen Ones in the negative planet designated for them.

Glory to the Lord Ancient of Days & Ascended Host!

Hail the New Age of Light now unfolding!


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