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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang hapon mula sa Kapatirang ispiritwal! Good afternoon from the spiritual Brotherhood!

Around 2,000 years ago, when the Age of Pisces just began, the spiritual Hierarchy sent forth John the Beloved to prophecy anew for humanity. Being a high Adept of the Ascended Ones, John the Beloved exudes wisdom and wholeness that no Aspirant would ever doubt. He prophesied the coming planetary ascension and the golden age to come. His work is an impeccable foundation on eschatology, a fact accepted even by social thinkers (e.g. M. Eliade, M. Muller, E. Bloch).

In the Book of Revelation did the Master John scribble and share so many sets of visions about the future. He also clarified the organization of Hierarchy, such as the Council of 24 Elders’ role-playing aides to the Almighty Creator, the Messiah coming as World Leader (‘rules with an Iron Rod), and the 144,000 White Robes serving as aides in advancing the Work on Earth during the ‘end of days’.

So did the Master John reveal the appearance, in the ‘end of days’, of many False Prophets. By ‘false’ is meant that the persons (psychics) involved will be pronouncing prognostications that will tend to be deceptive or dis-informative. They will likewise delude themselves with being the representatives of the spiritual Hierarchy (Ascended Host) on the surface of Terra.

The ‘lizards of odd’ Illuminates knew the eventuality of False Prophets forthcoming. And so for a period lasting hundreds of years, they prepared the grounds for the blooming of one particular practice—spiritism—till it will be finally accepted as fact by the folks or beguiled individuals. By the mid 1800s, spiritism research turned into a highly acceptable enterprise, the results of which would stimulate the institutionalization of parapsychology and paraphysics at the beginning of the 20th century.

In the USA for instance, whereas witches and soothsayers were burnt or executed, the last Inquisition event being in Salem before spiritism’s legitimate advent, just some couples of decades after Salem the same forbidden behavior became the subject of enthusiastic investigations. Intoxicating fervor marked the investigations on ghosts and mediumistic channeling in particular, phenomena that the late HP Blavatsky herself participated in research-wise and documented in various articles and the pioneering book Isis Unveiled.

The ultimate future agenda of the ‘lizards of odd’ was to propagate the New Age subculture as the new religion programmed to eventually replace old-fogey churches (see my separate New Age article). Thus spiritism received even greater impetus with this agenda, more so with the Illuminates launching every kind of publishing house and media (magazines, newspapers, comics, radio, tv, etc) that they can utilize to subtly pursue their pro-New Age advocacy.

Right before and after World War II, spiritist mediums and psychics of every kind were tapped and projected in public through the established popular culture media. There was the over-glorification of Edgar Cayce, for instance, part of whose prognostications were marked by subtle fear. There were also the likes of Jeanne Dixon and Arthur Ford, among others.

Those decades were really one for test-casing the public mind, with the goal of widening the latitudes of tolerance and acceptance towards the forms of paranormal phenomena. The Machiavellian line added to sweet-talk people into accepting spiritism was that it was accordingly a SPIRITUAL engagement, since supposedly it demonstrates and authenticates the existence of other dimensions of reality.

The Machiavellian public relations was to be intensified further, as the term ‘channeling’ was to be devised in lieu of spiritism. With Cayce as leading exemplar for the phenomenon, many a spiritist—who was medium for communicating with dead relatives of beguiled clients—then found the opportunity to supposedly channel messages from Ascended Masters and Avatars.

I did my own investigations about mediumistic spiritism and psychism, read Cayce and Dixon (and couples of other psychic revelators), and concluded that there were gaps in their claims. The ‘divine source’ that Cayce claimed to have received information from is no divine thing to me, but merely some beings located in the astral plane who passed on information to Cayce, information laced with subtle fear.

Dixon and Cayce are no John the Beloved nor Nostradamus who, per results of my studies on the Teaching (higher mysteries), are truly Ascended Masters or Christed beings (Christ bodies activated). Thus Christed, the latter are able to derive knowledge and wisdom from the spiritual planes or dimensions. Dixon, Cayce and the spiritists, as my studies found out, could only source information from the astral plane.

In 1994, upon my entry to the White Lodge as an initiated Adept (sponsored by Guru F.F. in Manila), my higher faculties began to open up real fast. I would find out, from that year onwards, that there are so many Evil Masters located in the astral and etheric planes, who could very well disguise themselves as ‘divine sources’ on the emotionally and mentally imbalanced spiritists/psychics.

I also had the opportunity to surf the internet in the 1990s and scrutinized the channeled messages posted on cyber-space notably the ones posted on the I was truly befuddled by the claims of the spiritists there that Earth will ascend in 1994, that the Lucifer rebellion was an agenda planned by God as a polarity game to let humans evolve back to Him, that Master so and so had mandated the spiritist to officially channel messages, and more of the toxic stuff.

The huge question that came to my mind then was this: why should the Prime Creator and the Ascended Host mandate non-realized low awareness persons to channel messages for them, when they have already sent forth thousands of Masters and White Robes down the ground? It was so clear to me, even as a child so innocent, that the masters, sages, rishis, gurus, and avatars sent down here were the true & sanguine representatives of the spiritual Hierarchy.

Even till these days, when couples of thousands of White Robes already ascended in full, over 135,000 White Robes are still down here in the surface, helping out to fast-track the ascension undertaking to produce new Lightworkers and reach out to millions more of Terrans. Many of the White Robes, one of whom is this humble Adept, do in fact pronounce divine information every now and then, as the ‘messenger’ task is one of their mandated tasks in fulfillment of the Work.

You could just imagine the efficacy of the dis-informative campaigns of the Illuminates with the success of the creation of thousands of False Prophets. Today hardly anybody pays attention to the pronouncements of White Robes, even as the evil master Moloch had generated and deployed tens of thousands of puppets tasked to slander, denigrate, and malign the True Prophets who are precisely the rishis and gurus sent forth. Folks and even intellectuals would prefer to listen to Cayce and Dixon types no matter if the contents of prognostications are highly convoluted and that they are weak in Light.

The greatest lie yet being spread by the lizards’ mouthpieces is that channeling is accordingly the most important task ever mandated by the spiritual Hierarchy. A grand lie! Just go back to the Masters’ works, such those of Swami Prabhupada’s and Sai Baba’s, that indicate clearly the Teaching as the crux of all spiritual foundations, the lessons likewise serving as principles behind practices (tools, methods) that enliven and make possible the ascent in awareness towards nirvana level (activation of the soul). Go back to the works of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Vedic masters, Hebrew prophets, Lao Tzu, Confucius, and you’d find the same assertion of the Teaching as focal guide leading to self-realization.

At any rate, the False Prophets, together with the slanderers and black propagandists supportive of their missions, have only a year and couples of months to go to pursue their delusional engagements. On the 21st of December 2012, the Christ Jesus/Sananda, anointed Avatar Leader of the New Earth, will appear in holographic image on the atmosphere, along with the 144,000 White Robes whom He will formally introduce to the Terrans below.

Contrast the faces of all those spiritist False Prophets you have known all along to those faces you will see in the Earth’s atmosphere. Then you’d realize how badly beguiled you were, assuming that you did digest the sweetened messages of the same spiritists. The choice is always yours as to whom to take words of wisdom from: the True or the False Prophets. No one forces anything on you.

[Philippines, 18 February 2011]


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