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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good Day from this humble Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Let me continue with the Illuminati/NWO theme. As many people know today, the Illuminates constitute the core elites of Terra and they are preparing for the full blooming of the Information Society. My focus this time will be on behavior control: on the strategy of using private sphere institutions as instruments for controlling shared symbols (culture) and the individual psyche of Terrans.

Behavior scientists, notably sociologists, have already established as matter of fact the use of ‘ideological apparatuses’ by the ruling class since the primordial epochs of human history. Cognitive apparatuses reproduce the class relations at any given context, rendering humans unfree in the last instance, or lacking in real autonomy being controlled species.

We will take off from the scientific contentions of behavioral scientists. The departure we will make is this: cognitive (culture & psyche) control by the ruling elites began only during the descent of Terra into 3rd dimension reality, whence humanity was eventually cut off awareness-wise from the divine source (signified by expulsion from the garden of Eden).

Lizard descendants from Orion, alongside reptilian descendants from Draco, came to occupy Terra in the very ancient times, manipulated the genetic make-up of Terrans (causing the decline in DNA strands from the original 12 to 2), and have been controlling Terran behavior since those epochs. Hiding under the cloak of homo sapiens morph, they sustained their predominance through a combination of strategies, a major one being the cognitive institutions for mind control reinforcement.

In modern times, mass media and education have performed very potently to fulfill the mind control purposes. So much research literature and esoteric materials were already writ about the matter, and it would prove very beneficial for seekers to review studies written from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

The query that we can raise at this juncture is: how efficacious are the mind control apparatuses of the ‘lizards of odd’?

The efficacy of the mind control technologies (frameworks, strategies, methods, tools) employed by the Illuminates, with aid from their subaltern intellectuals/technocrats, was indubitably very high prior to 1974 (the year when the Almighty Creator began to intervene in our planet directly). Beyond that year, cognitive apparatuses were gradually undermined as anti-oligarchic/NWO opposition grew in scale.

The last frontier for behavior control was expectedly the progress made in cybernetics. Phase III cybernetics is premised on the cogitation that the dividing line between human behavior and machine can be erased. Through nanotechnology, chips can be designed and implanted on the human body, thus eventually subjecting humans to behavior reprogramming using the computer.

In the event that religion, mass media, popular culture, education, and related institutions will fail in securing the total compliance of individuals and groups to NWO agenda, then the last potent frontier for behavior control would be an integrated cybernetics-nanotechnology-biotech modality. The chipped humans of the future will then serve as the cybernetically controlled constituents of the envisioned ‘technotronic society’.

The planet’s frequency has been moving up though since the ‘harmonic convergence’ of 1987, the Christ grid is already well erected and embedded in the planet’s EMF (electromagnetic field), and the evolved humans’ DNA are mutating fast as inactive strands have been re-activating. More and more people are henceforth finding the opportunities for asserting their authentic individualities and liberated form the encumbrances with the global elites, effectively circumventing the mind control apparatuses.

Granted that the chip (VeriChip is frontline prototype) and implantation techniques were already perfected, how many unsuspecting folks can be implanted with the chip given the close proximity of 2012 as of this writing? Should there be more open public discussions about the chip all over the world, how many would opt to be chipped in case it is volitional rather than compulsive to do so?

Perhaps as early as the 1st quarter of 2012, millions of people will have their paranormal faculties be opened as they attune to higher frequencies of the planet and universe. Even without intending to, they will be enabled to scan people and discover, with great shock, the reptilian identity of the global elites. The Illuminati will be exposed at such rapid rate that the Fallen Ones just may not be able to control the consequences of collective reactions to the new discoveries.

By the 21st of December, 2012, the larger truth can even be revealed, as the evolved souls will discover that their very own closest family members weren’t originally human. The reptilian imprints of the Orion & Draco breeding will eventually come out in the open, observable in the very physiognomy of people. Remember, 80% of Terra’s people of today were originally from Orion, with around half of them originated from gigantic lizards (I already had visions of that antiquity of Orion), while a fraction were of Draco origin (descendent from dinosaur-type reptiles).

Anti-NWO resistance is still picking up crescendo as of this writing. We should not be surprised if vigilante groups are already in place, ready to snuff out the life of the ‘lizards of odd’ and their paid protectors. They represent the polarity to the Lucifer adepts’ domination of the planet, though they too better realize the paucity of time left for their operations.

There can be no better attitude to adopt then to transcend the polarity arising from the Dark Adepts’ domination. The polarized role-players, both on the Illuminati side and their detractors, will be transferred to the new Dark Planet that was reserved by the Divine Hierarchy for their types. Instead, the evolved souls (starseeds and evolved Terrans) should align quickly to their own respective Inner Selves, Inner Guides, and the Divine Hierarchy, and qualify eventually to ascend and become members of the New Earth population.

[Philippines, 15 February 2012]


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