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Magandang gabi sa inyo! Good evening from the Pacific Asia!

Both capitalism and its broader historic base of ‘money economy’ are now dead. As already discoursed in previous articles writ by me, the money economy had a long historic life cycle that corresponds to the Kali Yuga, had many calciforms the latest of which is capitalism, and is now dead.

When the global capitalist economic order collapsed in 2007, signs were clear to me—as a political economist and Adept of Light at the same time—that the end to the money economy and its last manifest form of capitalism is dead. No amount of efforts can ever revive it back to full potency.

If the money economy were likened to a bus that has been traveling for 5,200 years approximately (equivalent to the entire Kali Yuga or dark age), the bus finally conked out, its engine entirely dysfunctional. Incidentally, the bus has been running downhill, so no matter if the engine is dead, the bus still keeps on running forward. As soon as the bus reaches downhill and flatlands, it will stop as deadweight material, never to run again.

Hoarding, competition, egotistic self-interest, and money have been the four rudimentary principles behind the money economy. Capitalism extended profit-driven motives to further heights, catalyzed the birth of industries and high-tech enterprises, but can never be sustained in the long run. Capitalism was formally born in 1618 (start of the 18 Years War in Europe), optimized mercantilism for some time, gave way to laissez faire capitalism, moved on to monopoly capitalism circa 1900, till it reached ‘late capitalism’ past the 1960s.

Socialism, which is but another version of the money economy, sought to redistribute wealth and social services via regulations and command economics, but introduced not much innovations in the system. Fascist economics attempted to replicate command economics of socialism, but didn’t survive for long as its war pursuits weren’t tenable.

The money economy, being the economic calciform of the Kali Yuga, could be the lowest system that 3rd dimensional Terra can descend to. Capitalism ushered innovations up to a certain extent, bringing us closer to the space age, yet the same innovations are cause enough for its self-destruction (Schumpeter discovered this tendency rightly).

As articulated in previous articles, the money economy is heritage of Orion. Communism is classic Draco heritage. There could come a blending of the two systems, and that expectation is what technotronic capitalism may come to fulfill.

In the eyes of the Lucifer adepts, who are desperate to sustain their system that fed their insatiable greed by encumbering the masses in poverty and want, the money economy can still be salved. The strategy to sojourn this path is through a combination of Draconian state powers with information technology to control people’s behavior. A system where everybody will have jobs and/or careers in exchange for their freedoms could be the answer to the problem.

So the concept of ‘technotronic society’ was designed by truly demonic minds. This society will see the citizens surrendering their freedoms to the state (akin to fascism and communism), cyborgs will be around to ensure behavior control (akin to Matrix and Terminator movie series), and everyone will have jobs and needs fulfilled.

Technotronic capitalism will then be the economy of this machine-controlled society, while Bonapartism would be the state ideology. The context would be a global police state sort of, with nations abolished and replaced by region-states and city-states that are subordinated to a world state, with a global tyrant role-playing the top leader.

Should history be linear enough, the Information Age as it comes into fruition in the future will be markedly technotronic. Poverty comes to an end, everyone has a place in society and economy, but everyone else will be chipped and controlled by a giant computer to exacerbate their being cogs in the gigantic deus ex machina.

But history doesn’t move in linear fashion, discontinuities arise at certain junctures, old cycles give way to new cycles, and so by 2012 we will witness the planet’s mutation to a new world in a higher dimension. Old ways suited to old contexts can never work in a higher dimension world, and so the Dark adepts’ technotronic society, economy and state will go down the drainage canals of history.

The Evil Ones will, however, be transferred to another planet suited to their awareness level, where they can continue to experiment on installing their highly dreaded society. This note will end at this moment, and let you imagine for yourself the grand future awaiting us in our own New Earth post-2012.

[Philippines, 11 February 2011]


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