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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
30 March 2011

Good evening from the highlands east of Manila!

The world was truly shocked by the catastrophe that struck Japan recently, as a Reichter 9 quake followed by a tsunami walloped northeast Honshu. Nuclear disaster then followed, as one nuke plant was badly affected by the lack of water as coolant for its Jurassic fission breeder.

So powerful was the quake that struck Japan that it made people believe that it was naturally caused, not knowing that the Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM was used to induce the temblor (see my separate blog on this). Little do the folks realize too that among all calamities, water calamities have been rising—following a curvilinear pattern—since the 1970s.

Expectedly, more deaths have resulted from floods & tsunamis from the 1970s to the present. To reinforce the facts obtaining, the World Bank recently released a consolidated report of calamities since after the 2nd world war (the Bank was founded while the war was going on, mandated by the Bretton Woods Agreement). A simplified graphic presentation of the calamities showed earthquakes as following a constant pattern since the 70s, while that of water calamities have been ascending since then.

I have no fondness for the World Bank, it being a footstool of the global financiers. However, the studies it had undertaken are worth examining and the facts presented worth our reflection. It had taken some initiatives to fund post-calamity recovery, this being the rationale behind its consolidation of meteorological reports.

The instructive report is significant, as it somehow anticipates what we White Robes have already articulated to the public about the Earth changes circa 2012-2030. The polar shift itself will be more of an electromagnetic change rather than a geological change, though the melting ice caps and glaciers post-2012 will inundate land masses. As Jesus/Sananda clarified in the 1990s yet, what the land configurations will look like after the Ascension will be up to the Father.

In the aftermath of the return of the poles after a 3-day ‘null zone’ journey of the entire Solar system (Dec. 21, 22, 23 of 2012), around early morning of 24 December of 2012, ocean waters will rise ceaselessly. You can go ahead and construct your simulation models of the catastrophic flooding. Prior to the floods and tsunamis, the Galactic Confederation will already secure the qualified 4th & higher dimensional humans, elsewhere in safer havens.

The powerful tsunamis that struck Indonesia some years ago and the latest one that struck Japan have exhibited to us the possible consequences of the 2012 through 2013 flooding cum tsunami. Superstorms with winds exceeding 350 kph (kilometers per hour) will serve as multiplier knockers to complicate the level of damages.

To recall, a powerful typhoon—named Reming—hit the Philippines in the mid-90s, with centerwinds of 350 kph. Reming provides an exhibit for what can happen post-2012. Luckily, the winds of Reming were largely high altitude, thus sparing my country of a dreaded holocaust of sorts. It was the most powerful typhoon ever to hit Ph since the beginning of storm tracking in the 1800s (Jesuit observers began it all here).

Re-examining the calamities and catastrophes of the past and present does present benefits for us all in forecasting scenarios for the 2012-30 period. No matter how damaging the catastrophes will be by then, the Almighty Father has been intervening directly on Earth since 1974 yet, ensuring thus a glorious ascension for Earth and New Earth citizens. The preparations by the spiritual Hierarchy for the forthcoming catastrophic events are already in place, so there should be full reason for greater calm amidst the anticipated changes.


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