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It’s 2011 as I write this follow up article on the theme of the Illuminati/Committee of 300. The added reflection that I’ll articulate about in this note would be the question of potency of the Illuminati’s governance structures: the New World Order or NWO.

Note again that the year is now 2011. The potency question is being raised at a time when the Planetary Ascension is just a year plus couples of months away. This isn’t the 20th century when the NWO could have been probably at its peak, but 2011 when the Spiritual Hierarchy’s intervention programs have taken root and are now yielding high-level results.

Among the conspiracy & controversy circles, the NWO refers to the totality of core and peripheral structures erected and operated by Lucifer’s adepts—collectively the Orden Illuminati—down the 3rd dimension. The structures could be likened to a gigantic octopus, with each tentacle representing a sector of the global order, e.g. wealthy families’ circles, church & religion, business, regional geopolitical formations, organized crime, culture & mass media, international organizations, political parties & movements, and think-tanks.

So vast is the organized network of the Illuminati that at some time Terrans were in a state of hopelessness in the daunting task of dis-engaging from Illuminati encumbrances. My country, the Philippines, was enslaved through debt peonage enforced by the bully bank International Monetary Fund, a reality that crashed our developmental efforts and brought poverty on around 60% of our people in the period 1983-‘96.

The NWO shackled individuals, ethnicities, nations, regions, and continents altogether into a mesh of footstools for the hoarding, plunder, looting, and greed-satiation agenda of the Dark adepts. They overthrew regimes, fragmented nations, bankrupted economies, and widened poverty worldwide in fulfillment of their insatiable greed that functioned, to a large degree, to tie down Terra in an even larger framework of encumbrance to the Empire (comprising of fallen worlds).

One thing must be stipulated clearly here: the Illuminates weren’t serving their own vested interests in their oiling and operations of the NOW, though their ulterior interests are unfathomable as the dark abyss. As already articulated in previous articles, the Empire was running as the governance structure of Lucifer & Dark Masters, and our planet Terra is just one fragmentary portion of the larger Empire reality.

Two (2) world wars were waged by the Illuminates in the 1900s, with concurrence of the Dark Masters. Over 200 million people died in the aftermath of the world wars, deaths that serve as a gigantic sacrificial exercise in the altar of Lucifer. A 3rd war is now in the offing, a conflagration that will be sparked by the Semites versus Persia conflict and expected to spread across the Eurasian-African land masses.

That was then. Yes, true, the Illuminates are still as vastly powerful as then, but is the NWO as potent as it used to be?

God has begun intervening directly on Earth in 1974, thus reversing an ancient policy of non-interventionism. 144,000 White Robes were sent to reinforce the spread of Light to all life spheres, whose totality of acts aided in accelerating the installation of the Christ Grid around the planet’s electromagnetic field or EMF. Even prognosticated events such as the sinking of California and related cataclysms will no longer happen, as the planet’s timeline had changed due to Almighty Creator’s most loving intervention.

Whereas in the 1970s and earlier, there were too few Light Masters operating on the ground as gurus and/or rishis, today the 144,000 White Robes are in heated operational pursuits in aid of accelerating the Divine Plan on Earth. A million or so second liner ‘lightworkers’ who are products of hard labors of the White Robes & masters are now co-working across the globe, with many middle aged ones moving up the ladders of government, business, churches, and non-profit organizations.

There is now a tilting of the balance of power, with Light Forces capable of equalizing the power equation. The most important result of the change is freeing of the masses from the yoke of the Evil Ones, with starseeds on top of the line as leading elements of the coming new Earth.

Before the end of 2012, the number of 2nd and 3rd liner Lightworkers will be as huge as 10,000,000 maximum, thus increasing exponentially be several folds. More will breach the ‘lightworker line’ after the pole shift, as the Prime Creator will wield the powers of divine grace to lift up others as a qualitative leap in awareness.

As the weeks ahead will unfold, Terran institutions will turn out more and more unwieldy to NWO machinations, and could result to desperately mad moves by the Illuminates to get back their control over the planet. Among the desperate actions that have already begun are the exterminations of starseeds, with those on top of their professional and executive careers the most vulnerable to assassinations and murders.

By late 2012, military units within the world powers (core of NWO military assets) will declare independence, possibly wage mutinies, and sabotage the conduct of operations by the evil chains-of-command. Already, as early as 2009, I have begun to notice ripples of ramblings in a unit of the USA’s armed forces, signs that I saw through direct visions or distance viewing, with core officers being middle officers.

We cannot discount yet the direct intervention done by Lord Gabriel’s armies, the frontal attack units being now stationed just one dimension above ours’. Since this option belongs to the Universe’s celestial command forces, I prefer to keep mum about their conduct and the firepower to be used, in deference to the Lords Michael & Gabriel.

Let me now end with the query: has the Illuminati turned part-potent and part-impotent at thus historic juncture?

[Philippines, 14 January 2011]


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