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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good evening from this Adept-Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

It is twilight again as I write this piece, a time when my mind is so fertile with creative thought. A time that forebodes the ‘twilight of the gods’ that is now the situation for the entire planet, as the old hierarchy comprising of corrupted ‘Illumined Ones’ are preparing for their arrest and banishment to space-time sectors where they can’t harm Terra no longer.

I already treated the matter of the preparations of both the Celestial and Galactic Command’s Forces for the contingencies arising as the 3rd dimensional phase of Terra is rapidly coming to a close. The arrest of the old guardians of Terra has begun, though it may take time to finish the job (by AA Gabriel, chief operations officer of the universe) due to the vast numbers of the ‘masters of lesser Light’.

To flashback a bit, around four (4) grand cycles back, or roughly 100,000 years BP (before present), the ‘war in the heavens’ ceased as a truce was agreed upon between Michael and Lucifer. It was then agreed that Terra, a planet at the edge of the Milky Way, will be treated as a school of life. Terra will be open country, a ‘free market’ of souls, where both forces of Light and Darkness can operate. It will be up to Terrans to follow the dictates of their wisdom and judgement as to who to follow: Light or Dark.

The situation, however, was too much skewed in favor of Lucifer’s forces. 60% of the guardian Adepts of the planet and the sector administered by him were on his side, with only 40% on Michael & Ancient of Day’s side. Given the skewed situation, the Illumined Ones (already corrupted) treated Terra and dense worlds as their estates, controlled and administered by them, in direct violation of the concordat.

For four (4) grand cycles did the Fallen Ones grossly violate terms agreed upon, most specially the binding term regarding non-attack on the other party by any contending Force. The Illumined Ones or Illuminati, so huge a force of fallen masters, fomented every attack they can device to finish or eliminate Light masters who were doing their tasks on the ground.

Just take a cursory look at the deaths of Jesus & his apostles/disciples, and you can see the gravity of the offense of the Fallen masters. On a miniscule scale, the overkill and gory murder of Thomas a’Beckett (bishop of Canterbury) by a team of knights, is worth noting. Go across all the globe’s regions and in each and every interstice of the planet you will uncover such abominable termination of Light adepts and workers by the Fallen Ones.

That is not to count yet the mad economic, geo-political and military adventurisms pursued by conquerors and empires acting on the behest of the Fallen Masters (niched in the 4th dimension), adventurisms that resulted to gargantuan levels of deaths. The last two world wars alone cost over 200 million casualties, inclusive of innocent women, children, and old aged.

We are just speaking here of Terra by the way, a fallen planet that will soon graduate back to 4th dimension. As already articulated by me and my fellow Adepts, in our capacity as messengers, the abominable plans of the Fallen Ones on Terra are being effectively neutralized. There was the plan, for instance, to destroy both Singapore and Manila with the Tesla Earthquake Machine, neutralized by Masters operating in the councils Above. The biggest madness of all—World War III / Armageddon—is now falling apart bit by bit.

Four (4) grand cycles hence, the Fallen Ones have never ceased their polarity game, never ever returned the esteem and worship for the Father from whom their Light was originally derived. At each turn of cycles and eons, the Fallen masters have defied the terms and fiats agreed upon in platforms of higher covenant-making. This situation cannot go on for long, as the Fallen Ones know too well.

The resumption of hostilities will ensue, even as marching orders are now out to terminate or eliminate the most accountable among all Dark Masters. Lucifer was gone in the 80s yet, and Ahriman is next in line as revealed by me (per my vision confirmation). Caligastia is going that way too, he knows this too well. Daligastia, Belzeebub, Moloch, and a very long list of masters should better prepare for the worst.

Let this be pronounced clearly: the most accountable criminal masters won’t escape the Divine judgement awaiting them. With them effectively eliminated, their war forces (Orion-Draco Empire assets) and astral-etheric operators will lost their sources of command and inspiration.

Hostilities will ensue, to repeat, and this time around the Light Forces will brook no quarters in taking down the predatory, destructive Dark Forces built up and mobilized for this conclusive conflict.

In both Orion and Draco, massive trainings and mobilizations have been taking place for some time now, and I had visions myself of their preparations as I set with fellow Adepts in councils Above to review the Empire’s moves. The Empire’s leaders know what’s going to come, and have been deliberately planning to meet firepower with firepower.

Many Light adepts were also sent to the very interior territories of Orion and Draco and those worlds that are allied to them to conduct espionage missions. The spying adepts were invisible to the negative Empire assets, and so were able to conduct operations unhampered. The reports of the adepts were already consolidated and processed, and serve tactical and decision-making purposes of the Guardian-Masters in charge of the offensive operations.

As already articulated by me previously, a combination of Celestial Forces (led by Gabriel) and Galactic Command Forces (led by Sananda), backstopped by Seraphic Forces, constitutes the operational forces of Light. They comprise the executors of Lord Michael and Ancient of Days to retake huge swaths of territories in sectors and subsectors that were controlled and badly eroded by Lucifer and his fallen minions, sectors that are rapidly eroded further by the Anti-Universe force.

Hostilities will ensue, and the conflict will be brought straight to the nests of the imperial Dark forces. The goal is no less than the destruction of the war-making capabilities of the Empire, and that cannot be done if battles will be fought off-worlds or off-planets.

Just recall how World War II ended, when the war was brought straight to the interiors of the Axis powers and destroy their war-making machinery, most especially arms manufacturing, were destroyed bit by bit. War has to be brought to the enemy’s home, otherwise the Empire Forces will be always be battle ready to continue with their domination and destruction of various dense worlds.

War is coming to the Empire’s core worlds, to their headquarters, and they must be ready for the consequences of their abominations for so many eons and epochs. They will face the firepower of the Light Forces, and they will not be allowed to move out freely in case they wish to escape to another universe (do they have such capabilities and maneuverability to do this desperate act?).

Whether there will be pre-agreed terms of the conflict is not mine to divulge about. The Fallen Ones are not known to respect terms of negotiations at any rate, so it is immaterial to discuss such terms.

However, the raising of the White flag by the negative forces is not a far-fetched possibility. They can always choose to raise the flag of peace, and work with the Light Forces to maintain balance in the universe. There is no fiat on our side to destroy all combatants for that matter by ‘lining them up on the wall’ for mass termination.

The flag of peace means the Dove is up, balance restored, and reconstruction be made possible.

[Philippines, 15 November 2010]


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