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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Good evening from this Brethren-Adept of the Order of Melchizedek!

At this moment, my ears waft gleefully in the harmonics of “On Eagle Wings” by the Sacred Journey of Native America as dusk approaches rapidly in the horizon. Monsoon rains shower every now and then, like some gigantic ritual of washing and blessing for my country.

As I listen to the creative harmonics of Sacred Journey let me share more reflections about the Yellow races. I already wrote a piece about the Japanese. For this piece let me expand my notes to the entire regions of the Yellow races.

Having been tasked by the Councils of the Brotherhood to perform additional messenger work down here, I have been disseminating notes from the Masters for quite some time this decade. Let me then get this point in a straightforward manner: the Masters of the Yellow regions—in charge of gatekeepership councils as well as masters who once embodied in the Yellow regions—are worried about the darkening turn of events down here.

No less than the most evolved souls known to us who have sponsored the breeding and guided the growth of the Yellow races—Quan Yin, Amaterasu—are very worried even as they weep over the sad turn of events in the Yellow regions.

The regions cover a very wide territory, from Japan in the East to Central Asia in the West, from Mongolia in the north down to Tibet-South Asia-Southeast Asia corridor. In each and every corner and heart of this wide expanse of lands which I simplified as ‘Yellow regions’, fragmentation is taking place.

A ‘clash of civilizations’ among the Yellow peoples is taking place yet, seemingly ceaseless a pattern for millennia now. Continuing conflicts and confrontations among peoples who were created to serve as crucibles of Light in the “beginning of time” (commencement of the races). Sad! Very sad!

Till now Mother Quan Yin manifests to me every now and then, bleeding in her heart, asking for some processor-facilitator type of intervention. To which I readily make myself available by being present in the Brotherhood’s gatekeeper councils for the Yellow regions when invited to do so. Rest assured Ra will always respond to the call of the Most Loving Mama Quan Yin as well as Mama Amaterasu, so to the Councils I will go when needed.

Having developed a sublime expertise in international relations over so many embodiments as a conqueror-great warrior and presently as a social scientist, I have been invited by the Councils across the planet to share analysis and strategic forecasts in a specific region and globally. And so gladly do I share notes to the Yellow Masters when needed as counselor of global strategies.

Take the case of Northeast Asia. China, Korea, and Japan are neighbors and trading partners, and yet they could hardly see each other eye-to-eye for international negotiations to integrate their economies at least. It has to take some other sponsoring powers or regions (e.g. ASEAN) to get the Yellow delegates to the negotiating table (the Philippines’ chairmanship of ASEAN led to one such successful gathering of the Yellows right in the Philippines).

Korea remains divided, and it seems that a grand union of two warring siblings is getting down the drain. The Yellows’ Masters have been blasting the region with enormous cleansing and integrating energies, just to make this clear to the peoples of Korea, China, and Japan. Yet their efforts are being dissipated by rambunctious Koreans of both North and South. Sad!

International conflicts, domestic conflicts, ecological degradation, crass materialism, pollution of grand scales, depletion of natural resource endowments, fragmentation of families, increasing psychopathy (+ sociopathic murders) and mental ailments, intensifying mafia power (Triads + Yakuza + Korean gangs) and gangland violence, mass poverty & misery among poor Yellows, and more. The astral-etheric belt of the Yellow regions is as dirty as the polluted rivers of China, a sickening sight if you can perceive it directly!

It seems like an ‘over-determined’ advent of negative factors is bringing the entire Yellow super-region (adding them altogether) down, rendering the region like a battlefield of competing giant dinosaurs. And that’s worrisome indeed: increasingly fragmentary and predatory, the Yellows are creating their own dinosaur-fashion ‘handwriting on the wall’. A deprogramming of the last strains of the Yellows is rapidly taking place now.

How much time is left for the more sensitive souls among Yellows—led by Master-Adepts who do their tasks in silence—is short indeed. Too short now to make a gigantic dent and reverse the process of ‘quickening’.

Let us pray for the Master-Adepts and Light Workers of the Yellow super-region to succeed in any way in their collective missions. Down here they bring forth Light unto a super-region that is increasingly being starved of such Light, and they suffer mighty miserably for bearing the crosses of their fellow Yellows.

Visualize the divine hearts of Lord Lanto, Mother Quan Yin, and Mother Amaterasu pouring down pure loving energies upon the entire Yellow super-region as you do your prayers. Likewise are the Lords Buddha, Jeshua, and Babaji doing the same outpouring of Light from Above to the whole planet and the region, so visualize their hearts purifying the super-region in tandem with the Lanto-Quan Yin-Amaterasu triangle.

To all the evolving, purifying, ascending peoples of the Yellow super-region, blessings of Love and Light from the Brotherhood! May you all succeed in your ascension works.

[Philippines, 11 August 2010]


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