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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Good day from Ra of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Ra’s task as a guru is now receding, this being part of my new mandate. As my guru task recedes, my messenger task increases by many folds. The directive comes straight from the Councils of the Brotherhood above.

Let me make some clarifications about the arrest of the Evil Masters or ‘masters of lesser Light’. Sometime back in the 70s, the maharishi JJ Hurtak released the information, through his keys of Enoch book, about the forthcoming arrest and quarantine of the ‘masters of lesser Light’ prior to Earth’s complete retaking by the spiritual Hierarchy of Christed Ones.

The Dark or Evil Masters are ensconced in the astral, etheric, and mental planes, and have governed the planet for the longest part of its history. They have expropriated the Earth for the Dark Hierarchy led by Lucifer, and they behave till these days like they own the planet as private estate.

Remember that in the very ancient times, when the War of the Heavens (Lucifer’s rebellion) was just brewing, the Adepts tasked to guard and minister the planet at the edge of the Milky Way called Urantia (Earth’s ancient name) were polarized by the brewing conflict.

Using sweet tongue and cold calculative discourse to the max, the master watcher tasked to head this subsector of the universe—Lucifer—cajoled so many of Urantia’s and hundreds of other planets’ Adepts to his side.

Around 60% of the Earth’s Adepts decided to cast their lot for Lucifer, who they think up till these days was justified in his declaration of autonomy (from the Father Almighty and Sons of Light). Almost instantly did the frequency of the said Adepts fall, thus instantly relegating them to the lower spheres or densities.

Decidedly cut off from the key source of Light, from the Almighty through the intermediation of the Lord Metatron, the same Dark Adepts then sucked the Light from out of so many deceived Terrans whose necks they held for eons to come. I myself had a vision of Satan–in his 6th Density niche—as one former seraph who is as black as charcoal but with Light emanating from him, Light that had been mercilessly sucked from out of billions of beguiled souls.

In the late 1980s, almost simultaneous with the harmonic convergence, the Lord Michael, deity of our universe (Nebadon as the Urantia material had revealed), arrested and gagged Lucifer whom he brought before the Council of 24 Elders or C24. Arrogantly unwilling to accept his mistakes and stubbornly sticking to his ‘autonomy’ policy, he was subjected thereafter to immersion in the ‘lake of fire’, the Light of him returned to the ‘basic essence’ as he disintegrated.

The Luciferan Adepts on Earth, including those operating in the physical plane (Illuminates), heard the shrieking pains of the dying Lucifer. They shuddered at the prospect of being next in line, and they knew that their days are numbered.

There are hundreds of thousands of Dark Adepts, one should realize this fact. So no matter how many thousands of Buddhas and Christs were sent to the physical plane in the past epochs, the efforts to ascend the Earth went to naught due to the large numbers of mischievous Dark operators. Unless something must be done to extricate the Dark Masters one by one, the Hierarchy’s efforts might always land back to square one.

So the Plan was to extricate the Dark Masters, who are unrepentant in the first place, one after the other at some point in time. And, to commensurately boost the Light Adepts by embodying 144,000 Rishis or White Robes altogether at a single point in time who will counter-balance the excessive surplus of Dark Masters.

After the Lucifer arrest and deprogramming, and a repositioning of cosmic warriors in the lower spheres, the arrests have begun. I am aware that the next prized catches will be no other than Behemoth (Satan) and Caligastia (Dark Prince of Earth) who will also go the way of Lucifer.

The last time I saw Behemoth (Satan in the archetype of a gigantic dinosaur of sorts) less than two years back in my vision, a huge spear penetrated his body from the spinal area and protruded down the belly in diagonal fashion. I knew that his time will be up even before the 2012 event.

As the arrest event is now in progress, the total ascension of the 144,000 rishis had also begun that produced hundreds of ascended masters who can thus reinforce the Work in greater ways. The ascended rishis have the powers to suck out the Light from fallen masters and return the same to the Almighty One (with Lord Metatron acting on receivership capacity), like the way Jesus did to those Fallen Masters when he descended to their region as an Ascended One.

It won’t take long from now when the numerical balance between Masters of Light and those of Darkness will be more or less equalized. When that time comes, the golpe event will be unleashed as Gabriel’s and Seraphic Forces combined will swoop down on the remaining Evil Ones and restore the Earth for the spiritual Hierarchy.

So fellows on Earth, Light Workers, brothers and sisters, do note this very significant event of equalization of the Adepts. It is in progress and is accelerating by the day. Another milestone event for the fruition of Hope and Light on Earth.

[Philippines, 05 July 2010]








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  3. […] I already begun heraldries about the subject, when I released a chronicle in 2010 yet, to wit: DARK MASTERS’ ARREST HAS BEGUN, in BRIGHTWORLD […]

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