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STARSEEDS November 9, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good Day!

The term ‘starseed’ may be among those buzzwords that are now flying across the globe and making some intriguing landings in domiciles. Sooner or later this term would be a household word, by which time it will be accepted or, to use sociological language, become part of our “taken for granted reality.”

A young man I was in the early 80s when I first encountered the works of the couple Brad & Francie Steiger. From their works did I first encounter the term ‘starseed’. Starseeds are supposedly those who are seeded with extraterrestrial genes and/or are embodiments of souls from across the stars.

I surely like the term a lot. Till now I use it to refer to those souls who embodied recently on Earth, thus ensuring for us a continuous supply of souls more evolved than our own average pedigrees in our planet Terra.

Too many writings were already released before diverse readers that clarified the true origins of all of us Terrans. None of us living on this planet today is an original Terran, so nobody out there should be making too much of a fuzz out of his/her coming from a faraway planet in a faraway star.

To review the demographics of us Terrans, I would refer you to the writings of the guru Sal Rachele ( which I find very scientifically accurate and Light-filled as well. Guru Sal likewise clarified that all the original Terrans have already evolved back to the spiritual realms, situated as they are now on 12th Density (roughly, 6th Plane).

The same writings also clarified that too many of those who migrated here are laggards and are weak in Light. Only those who came from higher dimension planets are the highly evolved ones, such as those from Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius B, and Andromeda. From the same planets came what we call the ‘starseeds’.

Starseeds are those who originated from higher dimension planets and migrated to the Solar System, notably Terra, during more recent times. The cut-off date for defining ‘recent’ is however not as markedly clear as we would expect, so this causes an ambiguity of sorts.

My inner wisdom is telling me that the cut-off date lies somewhere before the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis (that sinking spans 12,000 years between them). Roughly, this coincides with the current Sidereal Year or Grand Cycle of 25,585 years that will end on 2012.

All those who migrated here before this grand cycle are referred to as ‘Terrans’ (mainstream Earthans or Earthlings) while those who arrived here within the cycle are the ‘starseeds’. Well, supposedly, if we follow some distorted logic, that is the case.

But do note that even during the present grand cycle, there were many negative and laggard souls from across the galaxies who arrived here in ‘trickles’ as well as en masse. How can they ever be called ‘starseeds’ then? Of course they are no starseeds at all.

The purpose of reinforcing the Earth with starseeds is to fast-track the evolution of other souls and the entire planet as well (planetary ascension). Indeed many starseeds succeeded in achieving this goal, but sadly many starseeds fell in awareness, lured as they are by illusions of the sensate world.

As to the success of that goal, for instance, 80% of Terrans are of Orion origin, a whopping part of who are laggards while many others are negative souls. Yet many ex-Orions have already evolved today, some mutating to ‘masters of wisdom’.

Roughly, 1/8 of the world’s population by Year 2000 were starseeds. That’s around 750 Million in the physical plane, and 7.5 Billion in the astral plane (awaiting re-embodiment). But that doesn’t count yet the millions of dolphins and whales who are souls from Sirius B.

My rough estimate is that, after 2012, with the separation of the service-for-self peoples (transferred to denser planets), the starseed composition of Earth will go up 4X its present size. So that’s 32% or roughly 1/3 of the New Earth’s population will be starseeds.

Multiplying that starseed demographics is the massive reinforcements today of starseeds from higher dimension planets. Maybe past 2010, this year, no more laggards or negative souls will ever be able to incarnate on Earth, unable as they are to withstand the higher frequency of an ascending planet. They may try, but they will exit soon enough (infantile deaths).

That 1/3 is only the minimum composition. If we note the possibility that tens of millions of dolphins and whales will, by virtue of Divine Grace, be mutating to land humans after 2012, that would be an additional reinforcement of starseeds.

The maximum starseed composition would therefore be 40% of New Earth. Granted that, by early 2013, there will be 1.4 Billion of New Earth humans, as much as 560 Millions would be starseeds. Using some other terms, we would say they are ‘old souls’ while the rest of 60% would be ‘middling souls’ (most ‘young souls’ will be transferred to other planets as laggards).

Now, what makes starseeds stand above the rest? Being an Eastern soul, I am bound to think more in terms of synthetic principles rather than analytic ones (e.g. indigo children, crystal children), and so I would say that a starseed is relatively strong in all the 7 Ray traits as follows: will, wisdom, craftsmanship/esthetics, devotion/faith, knowing (analytic-empirical), service, and synthesis.

Being an Eastern person, I would also tend to recommend our Asian ways to awaken the starseed in a person and tap Divine endowments to attain liberation (moksha, nirvana, kalayaan), towards holiness (holistic/wholeness) and Oneness. We teachers from the East have already shared lessons and tools to the world, so I won’t have to indulge so much on the subject.

Being an ex-Sirian, who comprise 2% of the population today, I would forecast that by 2013 the Sirian population of New Earth would be from 8% to maximum 10%. Pleiadians, who comprise 15% today, would go up as much as 60%. Many Sirians and Pleiadians are no longer starseeds here, however, as they migrated here before this present grand cycle yet.

At any rate, we are all sons and daughters of the stars, as our bodies are made of materials that were literally recycled from the essential elements of stars. And our planet, in the distant future, will graduate to become a star itself, perhaps the highest level of planetary ascent altogether.

So, starsons and stardaughters, welcome to the Aquarian Age! Be bold and daring, you shall overcome! Carpe diem!

[Philippines, 28 May 2010]









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