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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good evening! Magandang gabi!

So many energies are flowing to Earth’s lower dimensions at this juncture, a pattern that has been more less sustained since the ‘harmonic convergence’ yet (c. ’87). Let me share some notes about the matter.

The year 2004 was a threshold year, as the vibratory frequencies of Pisces and Aquarius equalized on that year. After the equinox of Sept. the 21st, 2004, the Piscean vibration began to downscale (this will reach around the 2070s yet) while Aquarius’ vibration dominates and will move up steeply for another 400 years before reaching plateau.

I will delimit my notes to the energy flows past 2004, which characteristically moved upwards on sharper curve (like in an exponential curve). From 2004 onwards, Light workers & helpers felt the impact of the enormous energy descent that converged with the vibratory ascent of planet Terra (Earth) itself, thus leading to physiological changes symptomatic of ailments.

There has been indeed a hyper-convergence of macro-energies since that time on. By macro-energy I would refer to large-scale energy emanations and transmissions of a planetary or trans-planetary scale. This will be distinguished from energy emissions within the planet specific regions, such as an energy spot, which I would signify as micro-energy.

What has been taking place is the hyper-convergence of macro-energies coming forth from planetary, inter-planetary, solar/stellar, and galactic sources. The same macro-energies were magnified by ascended or divine beings, with the aim of further accelerating the adjustments of the planet, biotic forms, elemental forms, and humans to finally fit into the desired frequency modulation levels comes post-2012.

Incidentally, the logoi of the planet, seated in Shamballah, have been monitoring the energy patterns as well as adding their contributions to the energy descent. The energy emanations from Shamballah are in fact continuing, at intervals of three (3) months for specific releases. Every solstice, the Lord Gautama Buddha himself releases ‘integrative energy’ that aids in Light workers’ integration of the seemingly disparate energy patterns.

Incidentally, during a monitoring of the events, I was permitted to see what was going on within Shamballah itself that could explain the ceaseless bombardment of energies on a planetary scale. I found out to my amazement that a gigantic transducer, sort of a huge equipment, sends off the Shamballah energies.

The vision of the method of emanating energies means that the frequency and amplitude levels of the energies can be modulated based on precise calibration system. The ascended beings in the Holy City cannot just release certain wave patterns without careful studies of them, and with the prudent approval of the planetary logoi.

As far as my inner knowledge is concerned, a wave of ascension energy will be released comes this June 21 solstice (summer in the north, winter in the southern hemisphere). This coming one is different from the previous ones, in that it will begin the physical ascension of a portion of the 144,000 White Robes (my intuition tells me that those who are now quite old and weary will go ahead and become Ascended Masters).

Those same Ascended Ones will reinforce the Chohans and ‘associates’ (masters all) in their council works in the astral-etheric domain. Many councils were formed up there recently, and those bodies would need newly ascended masters to operate. Together with the Ascended Host, they will all be blasting the lower dimensions with energies from the Councils which are separate yet from those of Shamballah.

Fact is, the energy emanations from the Councils, which emanate straight from out of the essence-beings of the masters, has been going on also for some time now. This is a parallel effort to that of Shamballah, the scale of impact being equally macro.

What Light workers should rejoice about is that integrative energies will be flowing out in greater ‘photonic’ impact along the way, thus alleviating the pains of transition that each one has been experiencing. The Lord Gautama himself emanates integrative energies straight from out of his essence-being, in so potent a manner that the energy outrightly softens the seemingly dis-integrative or near-schizoid effect of the disparate macro-energies.

So, Light workers & helpers, be gladdened by the news. God so loves Terrans that He would do everything, with the aid of the Ascended Host, to elevate the planet and its people via energy flows right within the Holiest of cities where seated are our planetary deities.

[Philippines, 04 May 2010]







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