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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

In a previous article, I wrote about an Inner Demon that works hard to destroy you from within. This time around, let me right some notes about how Leviathan resides in your organization, seeking ceaselessly to destroy devotion, commitment, and vows to the club. The Fellowships or Orders (fraternities) are particularly the most vulnerable to Leviathan’s relentless attack from within (the organization).

As I’m writing this piece, I am particularly very bewildered and bothered by the fragmentation of my own fraternal Order which I will simply dub as Phoenix. From the inception of this Order or fellowship (mid-70s), it was already embroiled in so much polarity. The brethren particularly, more than the sisters, are the most vulnerable to the polarity game. As soon as the Phoenix took off with its core of four (4) youth brethren, there was quarrel inside, leading to the departure of two (2), in other words there was breakage of vow and treachery on Year 1 alone. The vibration of treachery had since dogged the fraternity, till now the contagious effect of its vibration is seemingly unstoppable.

Those two remaining originals eventually became just one. Then, this one who remained, and who joined me to reconstitute the Phoenix in 1994 (it slept from 1984-‘93), also showed signs of a breakage of vow. He was never appreciative of the innovations I was introducing to this Order, which I had to convert into a true fraternity. Previously, it was merely a loose youth club of sorts, serving the interests of the local Bolsheviks here. Eventually, this last remaining original also rested from the Order, for one reason or another.

During its most active years, there were betrayals and treacheries occurring so commonly. Brothers betraying brothers, breaking of Eros vows between brothers and their loved one (sister) or vice versa, brethren betraying the Order and treating it irreverently or as something ordinary, fellows disrespecting the pillars and culture of the Order. It was very rough sailing for me in directing Phoenix admittedly. The energy of polarity, betrayals, breakage of vows was so strong and I simply didn’t have the occult powers to plug them then (till its rest in 2004).

My own greatest fear is that certain brethren will recruit bad quality novitiates, and this indeed happened. The brethren, more so the older ones (we called them Oldies), were simply getting people inside because they were drinking buddies or cronies of theirs. Bad! And to cap it all, the last recruits were underachievers, some of whom may even be guns-for-hire types for all we know.

In recent months though, my awareness had gone up, and my occult powers have improved. I badly need a vehicle to bring my missions to the next level, which is the Guru level. And so I’m considering re-awakening Phoenix, even if I myself experienced betrayal by a brethren (he openly slandered me behind my back in 2005). To my own shock, the low-quality guys inside have been planning to take over, or conspiring to destroy the systems (structure, process, culture) that took me and my fellows so much painstaking efforts to build.

Truly bewildered by their behavior, I then proceeded to meditate on the subject, meditate about the polarity behavior and the disrespect given to fellows within, even to me now. At a time when I have moved to my guru phase, I am getting utter disrespect from people who in fact gained a lot of self-integration lessons from me in the past. At a time when my Light Body is now awakening, my aura now a very powerful crucible of higher Light, my own fellows (though of lower grade initiates) disrespect me and have in fact already departed paths with me. I’m so puzzled, bothered, intrigued!

Late last month (April 2008), I meditated one afternoon using the supine position (it was a 1-hour lasting meditation), after taking a nap. To my horror, the following scenes appeared in my vision, indicating that these ‘fellows’ were in fact the sons of Satan, or Leviathan, or Ahriman:

  • Scene 1: A past life scene. A man exuding wisdom, fair in complexion, holding a clay or stone tablet atop his head, like ready to break it. Dressed in the ancient Semitic garb. Scene lasted more than a minute.


  • Scene 2: Men and women, apparently migrant, moving with their animal and personal stuff. Across valleys, rocky and almost barren lands. Moving scene for more than a minute.


  • Scene 3: Huge reptilian thing, even bigger than the T-Rex, but with smoother skin. Almost impressionistic, as its surrounds were brightly shining, its head away from me, its long tail near my face area. Moving reptilian, for more than a minute.


Having then seen a memory of a past being reviewed, I proceeded to meditate on the meaning of the vision. Who was this long-haired, wise though seemingly angry one? What were those huge flocks of migrants? The reptilian thing though seemingly mythical type and not any one of the biological things we know? My hair raised on all ends as the following interpretations gelled in my still meditatve mind:

  • Era was the Mosaic-Egyptian dynastic. The sagely man was Moses! My God, I saw a vision of Moses for the first time! And he was angry because he faced flocks of recalcitrant Sons of Belial, who disrespected him, his disciples (Aaron & Jeshua), and the Law that he was bound to introduce and execute. He looked better than Charlton Heston, though he wore almost the same clothes as the movie actor in the exodus film.


  • The people were the Israeli slaves from Egypt. Among them were the Sons of Belial, folks who in previous lives were demonic Atlanteans. Fact is, the word Atlantean was synonymous to demonic, as the demonic mind dominated Atlantis for much of its history. …And among them were my Phoenix brethren!


  • Leviathan, it was he! Manifesting as huge dinosaur-lizard like thing, with light flowing into it. My God! Leviathan or Satan was claiming back his own people, and will not want any club comprising of his minions who will later use the same club against him.

I was so moved by the vision, almost unnerved, which amplified my deep worry about Phoenix, that I had to admit there was no more reconciliation between some of the brethren who declared Oneness with me and those who departed with their faction. The next two days, in succession, Jesus Christ himself appeared in my meditation visions, appeasing me and declaring in thought that I am doing the right thing in the Path and in my missions, that the Divine Hierarchy supports me squarely and protects me. (Note that it’s a normal event to see Jesus in my meditations, he being among the chohans of my Order the White Lodge).

My greater worry now is that my brethren are moving fast towards slow but assured self-destruction. A Dark Energy veil is moving fast and engulfing my brods. Because they ended up breaking their vows or disrespected the Light from Liberty (a goddess or 7th Plane being) and never even recognized this deific Light a bit, and shut their doors on Phoenix, they attracted its opposite: the Darkest Energy from the 7th Gates of the Evil dominions.

Many brethren are now dying slowly but surely, more so those who were in leadership positions before but broke vows. If not them, their respective spouses die of slow death, like cancer (Brod JM’s wife, Brod CM’s wife who is also a sister, Brod FD’s mother-in-law). The Dark Veil is now enveloping them quickly, and I saw this veil like huge snakes so lengthy they have no beginning nor end, and in a meditation one of it tried to gobble me but can’t (it’s too late for them to affect me).

Now it’s done. The Dark Veil has been unleashed with ferocious fury. I don’t even have to run after those traitors, as they and their family members will eventually die even before the 2012 polar shift comes. It is certain. The casualties will geometrically rise in 2011-2012. It’s definite that most if not all of them will be transferred, upon death, to the new Planet for the less evolved, 20.5 located lightyears away from us. By repeating ancient patterns of demonic recalcitrance and betrayals, they missed the chance to evolve in this lifetime.

I now have to salvage anything that’s left in my Order. A few brethren, then the sisters. Before long the Dark Energy will also encircle the sisters, who comprise half the hundreds of fellows of Phoenix. I now have the power to plug the Dark Veil, provided that the sisters agree to come back and revive the sorority. For the deity Liberty herself, the libertarian aspect of God, protects the Phoenix.

Satan (Ahriman, Leviathan) is right inside collectivities, fellow Earthans! He rides and commands the Inner Demon in each one fellow, takes control of the collective mind of the group, and then fragments if not take full control of it. Organized crime groups are examples of groups whose collective minds are Satanic or Ahrimanic, even if its members profess belief in God or Christ and go to church, which many Anti-Christ minded people do in fact. God bless your clubs in any way He can. Amen.

[Writ 09 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



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