Dreams, Optimism, Wisdom


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Fresh graduate, dream and dream big! If success were likened to a mountain, no mountain has ever remained unconquerable, so go and conquer Mount Success! Plant your feet well in it, and defend your planted flag to the hilt. That sacred ground is yours, entitled as you are by the Divine Hierarchy to build your home in it.

As a guru of the Path, who’s had sufficient training and practice in the art and science of management science (most specially development management), I am bound to support the challenging call of today’s stock of gurus of success for everyone else to ‘dream and dream big’. As I already mentioned in an article on the 3rd Ray (art), soul development can be substantially attained if one would also succeed in building a craft (profession, talent, business) and bring the success level to its highest stage as much as possible.

“A man with a dream cannot be denied,” thundered a distributor of Alticor products who is among the leader in his chosen field. Go dream, for it is in the dream (life goal) that you will succeed in life. Dream first, and hopefully you have already learned how to dream (set goals), as there is not a single vocational or bachelor’s degree program that doesn’t train its apprentices (students) in the art of goal-setting. Even at home, you’ve already received training from your own parents, while among peers you’ve had the scrapbook thing and you have that fill-in-the-blank asking for your ‘ambition’.

The Divine Hierarchy doesn’t at all encourage laziness and a drifting life for us down here, no spiritual master ever said “do not dream of success for it is the Devil’s work.” Remember that our life here is only a borrowed one, this is our school where we learn crafts that sooner or later can be of use to our ‘divine bosses’ when we die physically and we move on to the next dimensions of existence. How can you ever be assigned by living masters up there the tasks to organize and coordinate, even manage huge numbers of souls when all your life down here you were a bum who lived on the purse of your parents or spouse?

“Be somebody for God doesn’t make nobodies,” says this adage that is taught to certain devotees. Agreed 105%! In our current urban-postmodern world, it is of paramount importance to dream and succeed in life not only to be able to earn a living but also to perfect your craft itself. You derive an inner happiness from that perfection of craft, elements of which you will tug along with you beyond the grave. When you perfect some crafts you then are in a position to mentor others, so when you reach age 30 your soul will begin to feel that urge to serve others thru craft coaching and even life mentoring. Upon mastering your crafts, you become somebody and there you are. For as long as you continue to remain humble and magnanimous in life, there is nothing wrong in becoming somebody someday, as this is a yardstick to measure how far you achieved your dream or dreams.

Here are some elements of success based on the ‘dream core’ alone:

  • DREAM! Set goals in life. Your main goal of all is your Dream. It could be your chief profession, such as “Doctor”. Visualize yourself becoming a very successful doctor, visualize the people who will be your staff, the doctors who will be your apprentices, etc.
  • ANNUAL GOAL-SETTING. Do make it a habit to write down your goals. At the end of every year (December), set a time to think about your goals. Then, write each goal on a distinct page of your new year appointment book or diary. You can even write down some specific elaborations about each goal.
  • INNER GUIDE PARTICIPATION. By writing down your dreams, the same items will register in the higher domains (dimensions of life), well seen within the view of your own Inner Guide or Guides. If the Guide will see that you know what to do in life, S/he will then know how to help you achieve them. But if you don’t know what to do in life, there is no way that your Guide will dictate to you what S/he wants you to do. That doesn’t happen at all, unless that the Guide must be a Fallen One who’s bound to control and dominate you throughout your life.
  • PRIORITIZE. If you’re having a hard time to determine what your goals are, then come up with a list of what you want to do for the coming year. Then, prioritize by assigning numbers 1, 2, 3…n for each goal item. Choose from among them the Top 3 only. It is best to cut down your priorities, for this will also permit your Guide to help you with ease and for you to attain them realistically. Imagine if you listed down 100 goals, and hey! 1 year is only 12 months, are you sure you can attain your 100 dreams at all within such a short time?
  • DREAM BOOK. As soon as you graduate, get yourself a scrapbook and make a dream book from it. You can put a picture in the front page. This book will be the repository of your very long term goals. On page 1 or 2, indicate your chief goal of all, your DREAM of all dreams. Put some specific targets to achieve 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now, 20 years from now, and 25 years from now. With this dream book, it will be easier to write down your annual dream diary which will be an annual expression of your long term goals…On the other pages, elaborate on your other dreams, eg. Family, finance, travel & tours, spiritual, physical. You can choose your own categories to use, there is no standard format here, be creative. Set targets for each category of dreams, add pictures or graphics, and other items to give life to the whole thing.
  • ANTICIPATE FAILURES AND WELCOME THEM. At some times in the future, you’ll encounter some snags, maybe even a financial crash that will get you back to the ground. Always anticipate failures, and when they arrive do welcome them. You learn from out of the failures. And blame no one but yourself for the failures. As soon as you’ve identified alternative courses of action, fire! Go for them! But please move ahead, for “over-analysis leads to paralysis.” You can’t be doing analysis or reflections all your life about those failures, decide to move ahead. There’s your DREAM that drives you forward, remember? Look at that Dream always, never lose sight of it.
  • DON’T LOOK BACK. You may have enormous successes in the past, showering you hence with tons of accolades. So what? Don’t ever get transfixed to your past successes, note them well even as you were already recognized for those feats, but consign them to the past. ….And never ever wallow in cesspools of past failures. This act too will get you stuck up for life. You’re going to land in a psychiatric clinic for this, mind you. …Better surge ahead in life! Look ahead, not backward.
  • SEEK COUNSEL FROM WINNERS. Everybody needs some champions to serve as their models in life. They are the true winners who showed the way ahead for us all. Seek their counsel, and never seek counsel from the perennial failures such as low achievers and bums. If you have no chance to interact with them, then read their books, view or listed to their documented films, learn from them. Some of them may even be no longer here, but continue to be revered, go ahead and read the works of these past champions.
  • TAKE RISKS. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Even your dream targets may be too big for you now, go dream big just the same. If you don’t have the capabilities now, then utilize the succeeding years ahead of you to build your capabilities. There is no endeavor in life that doesn’t have risks in undertaking them. But always do take time to think about the goals before you plunge into them. (This part was where you started, remember? You gave time to think about your goals.)
  • DREAM FROM THE HEART. Use your mind to structure your dreams, but do feel your dreams from the heart. Even those alternative routes that may arise in the future must be felt from the heart. Dreaming from the mind doesn’t work, that’s what you call a ‘contrived dream’ and it’s only for show. You are only fooling yourself if you build dreams for showing up to yourself. Taking dreams through your heart will let those dreams register in your soul which is seated in your heart area, and will be part of your soul-development (higher self = soul).
  • PRAY AND MEDITATE ON YOUR DREAMS. Go use prayers and meditation tools to achieve your dream. Pray & meditate during each phase of evaluation and execution. Prayer & meditation will add power to your dreams to enable achievement, and will allow your Guide and Divine Hierarchs to help you achieve them. Utilizing creative visualization tools in your prayers and meditations would be great! I have written articles previously that you can consult regarding the matter. But, hey! Act on your dreams as soon as you pray & meditate on them. You can’t be over-praying and meditating all your life, remember? If you wish to pray & meditate for the rest of your life, please enter a monastery and be a monk, and that would be your vocation for life. We Light Workers would be very glad if you join the monastic life for you help us boost our work in building a New Earth.

There are still so many things to say here, but I guess those items above are so many mouthfuls of words already. Bro. Erle Frayne has no desire to make you suffer from indigestion (i.e. sensory overload), so those items would suffice.

If you have some hard time determining your dreams, or if you Young One there has begun to work but did crash in life and seem unable to move, then seek counsel from some winners including spiritual mentors. Contact me from where you are now, and I will share what appropriate notes there are conceivable to quaff your thirst for some way out. If your difficulty is rooted in certain traumas in life, then seek psychosocial counsel from a certain specialist or expert (e.g. psychologist, social worker, guidance counselor).

There could be some blockages to success that may come from past life experiences. That’s where we mystics can come in. Many of us received special trainings in health therapies that could help you unblock your blocked success trails, even cleanse and activate your chakras. With activated chakras (energy centers), you will be enabled to move on in life with efficacy and be in greater touch with your own Inner Guide or Guardian Angel.

Young One, may the best of luck be with you in your quest for Mount Success! May the Almighty be with you along the way, and bless you with enormous graces in life.


[Writ 28 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. See also: COSMICBUHAY:, ARTBLOG:, UNLADTAU: http//, IKONOKLAST: