Dreams, Optimism, Wisdom


Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Hi Friend!
It’s been quite a time that this site of mine was dormant. My apology for this dormancy.
I am now re-packaging this site. Whereas this used to be for macro-events about my country and the world, this time around it will largely feature my self-development & wisdom blogs.

In the light of the nearness of the planetary ascension on Deember the 21st of 2012, I have to re-focus my brightworld thoughts into spiritual content that would have to do with preparing the enthused seekers and readers for the coming Big Event.

I wish you a very good luck in your own ascension work, wish that you make it to the 4th Dimension Earth that will galvanize after our solar system’s traverse of the Null Zone after the end of a long Galactic Cycle.

Namaste! Magandang araw! Mabuhay!



  1. Good blog, thanks. I really love it!

  2. credit Says:

    The moment I saw this page was like wow. Thanks for putting your effort in writing this site.

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