Dreams, Optimism, Wisdom


Erle Frayne Argonza

Magandang gabi! Good evening!

The year just passed was full of surprises, or rather replete with news that were both brightening and threatening. As people were beginning to celebrate the holiday season, Gaza suddenly ignited as Israel’s Defense Forces brazenly entered the inner zones of the already blighted Palestinian corridor and indiscriminately terminated hundreds of suspected terrorists including children.

But as the hell fires of Gaza were gathering hotter winds of hostilities, the world’s peoples warmly enthused to watch the much awaited match between the top champs in boxing, Oscar De La Joya of Pan-Latin world and Manny Pacquiao of Southeast Asia. On that very moment of the fight, the world’s gaze was glued on this battle of the sports titans, and were so amazed to watch the impeccably peerless Pacman exhibit his prowess, whose every punch pounded on the helpless Oscar like pummeling boiled potatoes into some salad mix.

There was no doubt that the year 2008’s best year ender news was no other than Manny Pacquiao himself. Not only did he brighten up his own home city of General Santos or his beloved country the Philippines, he added light of optimism to the entire sports world and planet Earth as a whole.

Today the entire boxing arena had transferred its spotlight from the previous heavier weights to the middle divisions, where both Pacquiao and De La Joya are situated. Pacquiao is the world’s top boxer, he is the spotlight of the entire boxing profession, and he is likewise the world’s top athlete as of the end of 2008.

What else can we ask from this greatest champ of the season, then to accept our accolades and best wishes? From former bakery worker of his poverty youth days to the world’s best athlete and one of the best paid too, the same wealth that he openly shares to his poorer compatriots as philanthropic boon, this noble man deserves everyone’s esteem and respect.

Let us hope that we can have more news this year 2009 that could approximate the light of hope exhibited by Manny Pacquiao, aside from the expected victories that the Pacman will again demonstrate to us all facilely.

[25 January 2009, Quezon City, MetroManila]


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