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Good morning Vietnam!

To this great land of the Annamese, who never cease to cause us wonderment over their exemplary nationalist and patriotic efforts such as their booting out of the French and American imperial forces, we extend every encouragement to go on in their growth efforts. Never mind if their former invaders have shown no respect for the Vietnamese state, let them heal their wounds from their defeat by the Vietnamese.

Now here comes a welcome news about biogas research and prototype production in Vietnam that could accelerate the pace of many businesses there. Biogas is actually home to East Asia, to China particularly where it got perfected during the Mao years yet and then got diffused into the neighboring countries.

Happy reading!

[06 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila

 Biogas: A scent of success for Vietnam small business

Source: Viet Nam News

25 June 2008 | EN | 中文

A biogas stove


With the continued rise in energy prices, biogas looks set to become a viable alternative for small business owners in Vietnam, according to this article from Viet Nam News.

Biogas — an alternative cooking fuel produced from animal waste — has been used throughout Vietnam since the 1980s, both for cooking and in large-sized engines.

Now it is being expanded for use in small engines and generators. Professor Bui Van Ga and colleagues from Da Nang University have developed an electric generator fuelled by the biogas not required in cooking.

Using biogas as an alternative to diesel engines requires the eradication of impurities and the creation of a ‘regulating kit’, which ensures a stable electric current. Both the regulator and filter are made of materials that are readily accessible and affordable for users. Additionally, the technology is simple to install.

Ga calculates that the waste from 20 pigs can power a small-sized electric generator, and farmers could save up to two million Vietnamese dong (US$110) a month, as well as cutting down on 9.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Link to full article in Viet Nam News


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